Monday, May 3, 2010

May is here

May has already arrived! In some ways, it is hard to believe Anna Grace is almost finished with 1st grade!!! It seems only a short time ago she was getting ready for her first day of school. Her teacher has been fantastic, and Anna Grace has had a wonderful 1st grade experience. She is doing so very well in school and her reading is simply astounding. She is reading on a 6th grade level--based on a diagnostic test she was given last week. I'm thrilled she is having such a great start to school. And, she just happens to be the apple of my eye. I adore my little girl! :)

And, Anna Grace just began taking horseback riding lessons last week. She absolutely loved it! Her instructor is also our team mom from her class at school. She is an amazing woman with a lifelong love and passion for horses. She trains them, shows them, and happens to be a mom of 2 little girls, one of whom is in Anna Grace's class at school. It is beautiful to watch her work with the animals and the children and see them respond to her. One of the horses, she rescued last fall. It is a beautiful black mare and was starving to death in a pasture. She got the horse, and has been nurturing it, feeding it, grooming it, exercising it--and now she can ride it (only she rides it... no children. . . she is currently training it). Emmie (the mare) is now beautiful with a sleek black coat, she feels like velvet, her muscles ripple, she runs like the wind and is completely in love with her mama, Mrs. Rhonda. I am thankful we have found someone like her to teach Anna Grace about these animals--to love and respect them, communicate and interact with them, and care for them. I look forward to seeing how Anna Grace grows as she continues.

It is now month 6 of the 6-8 month window we were given for the "hold" on referrals from TWCA (Taiwan Women and Children's Association). We haven't been given any "new" news in the past 6 months, except for monthly emails from Journeys of the Heart telling us they haven't heard anything new and they know the wait is tough. I definitely don't want to get our hopes up, just to be let down. It has felt like it just isn't going to happen for so long now. It would literally be a shock to find out that referrals are being given again. But, it seems, we should be receiving some sort of communication soon since the timeframe is now up---unless it is closer to 8 months than 6. And, IT IS international adoption. . . so, it is possible that we could hear nothing for a long time. . . It is an accepted fact that so many times in adoption, the adopting families have a tremendous amount to lose. So much is demanded of adoptive families. . . financially, timewise, emotionally, paperwork, hoops upon hoops upon hoops. . . and NO guarantees. I definitely believe in protecting the rights of the children (that goes absolutely without saying), and protecting the rights of the birthmom; but, while they are at it, they could do a much better job of protecting and taking care of adoptive families who are out there just hanging---completely at the mercy of people, governments. . . . all entities involved with the adoption. It is frustrating to see how much is demanded of adoptive families; and yet, they are given no guarantees or protection. Okay, I've vented enough. It's been a while since I let off steam . Thank you for allowing me a moment. I will update as soon as I know anything new.

The album slowed down this past 3 weeks. It is frustrating b/c I am at the very end. All we need is to add in a few instrumentals and some background vocals. But, lining up schedules of musicians and getting them in to the studio is not as easy as it would seem. So, hopefully, there will be news soon to report on the album. All tracks are laid, just need to record a few odds and ends to polish a few of the songs. I am SO EXCITED about how it is turning out!! Yay! Stay tuned. . . :-)

Have a wonderful week, everyone! And, thanks for following!