Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fun at the Pumpkin Patch!

It was a fun afternoon hunting Mei Li's very first pumpkin! And, oh boy was she excited! I got it on video and will upload it in a bit. Keep an eye out for the video on the upper right part of our screen. We are starting out Mei Li's first American holiday weekend with a pumpkin patch adventure! Enjoy!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

This Week in Pictures!

This was our first time to be "Boo'd"! And, Mei Li was thrilled!! Some kind mystery phantom stopped by our house and rang our doorbell!!! We answered to find a bucket full of special treats :) Mei Li loved the candy treasures---but the bucket was cool too!!
Fun with the bucket! Such a silly girl. :) Everything is new to our Mei Li, and Halloween is going to be a THRILL!!
I'm just in love with this happy, sweet and beautiful girl!! She is sporting her new "Halloween" cast.
My little "Peek-a-boo Panda Bear" Mei Li

Next time, I'll have some great shots of both girls in their Halloween costumes. I didn't get many great shots of my sweet Anna Grace this week. Poor thing has been sick and not up for cheesing for the camera. Stay tuned, though!!

We went to Dr. Khourey on Monday for Mei Li's 3rd cast (she gets a new one each week). He is so pleased with the progress of her foot, that he believes we will only need to do 2 more castings. If all goes as planned with those 2 castings, then more-than-likely she will need to have an "achilles lengthening" in her foot. He says it is not a big deal and is an out-patient procedure. She will then be casted for about 4 weeks. After that cast comes off, she will have day and night braces to use for about a month. And, she should be in good shape by the first of the year!!
We also have an appointment with the neurosurgeon to check the fatty tumor on her lower back. That is coming up in November. She will have to have an MRI of her spine.
Our sweet Mei Li is such a trooper!! She is taking all of these Dr. appointments in great stride--not complaining at all. I'm so proud of this little girl!! And, I'm so very thankful that she rolls with things so easily. Such an amazing spirit!!!

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MaoMing boys are needing their forever families SOON!

I normally am updating about our sweet Mei Li, and she is doing great!! I will write a post very soon about all of her latest developments.

But, today I am advocating for some little boys from MaoMing , Guangdong, China, who desperately need to find their forever families. Lifeline Children's Services is requiring families who are already "logged in" to step up to adopt "these particular children". They only have access to their files for a limited time. And, time is running out. They have some precious boys on their "B" list who are still waiting for their families to find them. Please check out the following site:

You can contact Lifeline to get more information on these children. And, please keep each one of these sweet ones in your prayers.