Saturday, May 10, 2008

Big Weekend with Cousin Ramsey!

Aunt Emmalie, Ramsey and baby Bryant came to spend a couple of days with us! We had a wonderful time at the botanical gardens, the zoo and a birthday party at the park. We had such fun taking pictures of our special memories.

I loved my day at the gardens!

Surrounded with roses. . . .

The cousins. . . one, two, three!!

Aunt Em, Ramsey and baby Bryant

Hey! Look at that neat bug!!!

Sittin' by the stream

Best buds!

Mommy and her girl!


Walking the gravel path. . . hand in hand

Lovin' my day at the gardens

Thursday, May 8, 2008

A weekend with Geoff's family in Asheville, NC!!

We went to Asheville for Ken's 50th birthday, and what a weekend it was!! He had 40 friends and family come out to celebrate his big day. It was a great weekend!

Geoff and I grab a quick picture by Beth and Ken's pretty azaleas.

Our happy family of three---soon to be four when we bring
Anna Grace's sister home from Taiwan!

Sunday lunch at Ya ya's house has been a long-standing tradition!! Did anyone say fried chicken???

Anna Grace has the "Three Little Pigs" read to her by her "Ya Ya" at bedtime. Ya Ya is a great story teller!! That's a special treat she gets every time we visit her.

Geoff with his sweet mama at Ken's birthday party--posing for a quick pic in-between bites of the delicious food.

Geoff, his mama and his sister, Beth at the party. It was a beautiful day!