Tuesday, January 13, 2009

No news is no news

I have been waiting to post because we have been eagerly awaiting wonderful news that many of our JOH friends have received their referrals after our facilitator's trip home from Taiwan. Well, it has been a full week, now, since she arrived back in the U.S. and there has been one referral. And, for Holly and Rich---she is absolutely beautiful beyond measure!!!! For the rest of the waiting families, the news hasn't been so great. For Program III, there has been no more word of referrals. And, for Program II (which is the St. Lucy's orphanage program)--they received very disappointing news this week. Apparantly, JOH is not as high on the priority list as some other agencies, and those families waiting (some for 19 months already) may not see a referral for a very long time more. Our facilitator learned that JOH has been getting skipped all-together for referrals in that program unless there are more than 4 referrals in a given month. My heart goes out to those families who are hurting from this.

Hopefully, soon, there will be happy news to post! One wonderful bit of news is that Michelle and Byron, indeed, have a very beautiful, healthy and happy baby girl who loves her new family--and I got the opportunity to witness it with my own two eyes. That gives me great hope!!!

One day, our time will come. . . and in the meantime, we will be about our business, staying busy, living life and trying not to think too much about "when" the phone will ring. One day, our sweet girl will be home---and she will be worth the wait.

To the rest of my waiting friends----you are in my heart and prayers, right now. Thank you for reading.