Sunday, August 9, 2009

School Days!!!

Anna Grace and her Ya Ya at "Shindig on the Green"-enjoying a sno-cone!

Mama and her little princess :-)

Boy, it's hard to believe Anna Grace will be starting 1st grade on Wednesday! It seems like just yesterday I was changing her diapers and pushing her in her stroller. She has grown into such a beautiful, smart and most importantly, sweet young lady! I'm very proud of her. We get to meet her teacher tomorrow, and AG is thrilled.

We had a great weekend in Asheville, NC. We hit a couple of the festivals---Sourwood Festival in Black Mountain and "Shindig on the Green" in Asheville. We heard some fun mountain music, saw some beautiful arts and crafts and even found a lady working an art/craft booth who is from Taiwan!!! She was selling beautiful jewelry and scrolls with personalized messages on them. I bought several goodies from her. How neat to meet her! We even went to a baseball game to see the Asheville Tourists play! Hope you enjoy the pics of some of our fun memories :)

Last week held an exciting ray of light for JOH families. There was finally a girl referral on Thursday for Program 3!!!!! It has been such a drought for so many, many months. It was certainly time for some good news. We should be #7 on the JOH waitlist (as per the Yahoo site's recording)---of course, we know that is not 100% certain since there could be folks on the list who are not listed through the Yahoo site---but hopefully, it's close to correct!! Yea!! Bring on the referrals and more good news for our families and children who are waiting!!!

Have a wonderful week, everyone---and thank you so much for reading!