Sunday, January 24, 2010

A New Year

2o1o has started off well. For the moment, I don't have any theatre performances lined up for a few months. . . which is fine with me! :-) I am currently finishing my jazz album, and even have written two original songs which will debut on it. I find I am much better able to focus on the music and the writing when all the noise and clutter of the crazy rehearsal schedules stops. I am having the time of my life, and it is truly one of those "life dreams" that has been put on the back burner for far too long. I will keep you posted as I finish and as it becomes available on ITunes, CD Baby and when I create my website. So much to do and learn!!! But, isn't that part of what life and "living" is all about!!?? Keep growing, learning, challenging and ultimately being a light. I hope that my journey to fulfilling this music dream will inspire many other people, young and old, to take their dreams and make them a reality, and ultimately be a "difference" in this world.

Anna Grace has made the youngest performing group, called the Sprouts!!! And, she is there at rehearsal as I write this. She even has an audition with them today for Sound of Music which will be produced in a few months. She has gotten so big, and she is completely unafraid!! She practiced her song all week and was dressed all snazzy in her little dance slacks and shoes and hair pulled back in a pony tail (they are adamant about the hair being out of the face :-). She hopped out of the car with her music folder and bag with snack with a "Bye, mom!" and didn't even look back. I'm so happy she is comfortable in her own skin and has the confidence to venture out and try things!!! That is a big part of what we aim for as parents.

Our adoption is, of course, still on hold for the next 6 months at least. At this point, we don't feel the Lord leading us to change countries. Although, I have to admit the stories and images of the people in Haiti, men, women, and children. . . have torn my heart. I pray the Lord will glorify Himself in a mighty way doing miraculous things for the people of that country to help them and lift them up. It has done my heart so much good to see these people, pulled from the ashes, come out singing and thanking God. They have so much to be angry and hurt about. . . long before the earthquake destroyed the little they had. And, yet, so many of their hearts are pure, completely undeterred in their faith. What a light those people are in this world. . . as the whole world watches their suffering. I hope the orphaned children will quickly be identified and matched with loving families to embrace them.

I sit here so thankful for the blessings in my life, the beautiful family I have, the job Geoff has been given to provide for our family, the music that fills my heart and our home, my healthy daughter who continues to blossom before our eyes, and the opportunity to use my gifts to the fullest and pursue the dreams in my heart.

We continue to wait for the day our daughter will be introduced to us. And, we eagerly anticipate that moment when we see her face for the first time and Anna Grace sees her sister for the first time. She already has a name, a room awaiting her and a family who has loved her since before she was born.

I wish everyone a beautiful 2010! Make it count! Do something significant in the next 12 months. Don't put those dreams on the back burner any longer. Be a blessing to others around you. And, let me know what you do! I am very interested to see what God does in my life and yours this year! It could be very powerful if we let it! :-)