Saturday, May 31, 2008

Conquered the Photo Pages!!

The last two days, I have worked an embarrassing amount of time on our adoption required "Photo Pages". It seems so very simple, and yet, when you don't know how to do something--it doesn't matter how simple it is. I spent a total of 9 hours trying to figure it out-----and FINALLY I did!! :-) Now, I'll have to see whether they are accepted and approved by our agency. The purpose of the photo pages is to give agency in Taiwan a look into your lives. It is to reflect the lives we live, our home, our activities, our vacations, our families, etc. But, there are rules about how it is to be formatted---picture size, number of pictures on a page, captions, no sunglasses, no swimming suits, no sleeveless tops-Whew!

But, it is done, now and it feels great to have it accomplished. Now, I will email it to Tien (our Taiwan facilitator) to see if she approves my photos.

My hope is that next week will bring good news that our homestudy has passed the DHR hurdle. Will post when I hear something!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another Concert Date!

While we await our homestudy to get final approval through immigration--and while we wait to get on that infamous waitlist--I am spending my time accomplishing the tasks that need to happen in the meantime. . . putting together more materials for our adoption--like the service plan (which we just received by email 2 days ago) and our photo pages. But, one of the most important things besides completing the required adoption materials is to take my adoption concert, "Unabandoned Love" to as many churches as possible to spread the message about the tremendous need for adoption and the beauty of building families through adoption.

Just two days ago, my second concert date was scheduled--August 13th!!! I am more thrilled than I can say!! Hopefully, there will be more dates to come in the future. If another child comes to know the love of a family and another family is brought together as a result of this concert--its purpose will have been met!

I hope all of you will keep my concert in your thoughts and prayers---that God will take it and use it for His purpose---and that the doors will open to the places it should go.

Thank you all for reading and keeping up with our journey! Hopefully, in the next few days I will be able to post that DHR has cleared our homestudy for our state level and that it has been sent on to the federal level (CIS)!! Please keep that on your prayer list too :-)

I'll post again soon!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Week of Disney Magic!

Ahrrrrrrr. . . Ahoy Mateys!!!

"Hey daddy!! What are you doing with that camera??!!!"

Epcot's Spaceship Earth

Me and my girl at Marakesh restaurant in Morocco

Lovely belly dancer at Marakesh--right next to our table!!!

Trying out some Moroccan food. . . hmmmmmm. . .

Psychedelic photo of Ya Ya and me in "It's a Small World"

Ya-ya donning her "Minnie-gear"--great smile!!!

Great shot of Cinderella's castle--nice work capturing the reflection, Geoff!!

Anna Grace's face says it all--there is nothing more magical than a moment with Minnie Mouse!

One of the best full-stage shows at Disney! Lion King is absolutely breath-taking!!

Yes, that is real fire he is twirling in a circle--extremely close to his bare skin!!!

We didn't capture the full costume of this dancer--he was dancing on stilts--incredible!

Lion King's costuming was simply a work of art

Just learning how to do the night-time photography. Fireworks at Epcot. . .

My sweetie and me at the Coral Reef restaurant--in the Living Seas

The whole gang at our favorite restaurant of the week---O'Hana's at the Polynesian Resort. If you want an incredible experience and food to die for---you MUST go to this restaurant! And, what's really cool is that you can see the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom through the glass wall of the Resort--after your dinner!

Anna Grace is completely star-struck with the beautiful Polynesian lady who entertained at O'Hana's! She got all the children dancing and making music--and they all got flower leis for participating!!

Okay, Pocahontas is now one of Anna Grace's most favorite princesses. Her comment was, "My eyes match her necklace"--My girl loves her princesses

Geoff and his mom

We just returned from one of the most wonderful trips! Disney truly is "the happiest place on Earth"!! Ya ya (Geoff's mom) flew down and spent the week with us and Mickey Mouse! I am amazed by this lady. She will turn 81 in a couple of months and she walked those parks for 5 days and didn't miss a beat!! She rode the water rides at Typhoon Lagoon and made friends with all the people around her in the lines. She is a breast cancer survivor and years ago had bypass surgery (6 bypasses!!!) Wow, Ya ya!! You are one tough and amazing lady!!

Anna Grace enjoyed the Disney magic and none of us wanted to leave! The one thought that kept recurring to me as we went through our magical days at Disney is that perhaps the next time we go, we will be able to bring Anna Grace's sister with us. . . I sure hope so!