Thursday, January 1, 2009

Holidays 2008

Holidays 2008, originally uploaded by kwhite1972.

The White Family chose to celebrate the New Year at home. We rang in 2009 in style with some tasty treats and took some pictures to share. This time next year, we will be a family of 4! Welcome 2009.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Closing out 2008, Reflecting on our Adoption Journey

I changed our blog background to ladybugs because ladybugs are good luck symbols in adoption. All of my adoption community friends are nodding their heads and smiling because it is a good luck charm adoptive parents come to know. Since we are now closing out 2008 and a little more than a full year from the beginning of our paper chase/homestudy process to now being #10 on the wait list, we are eager for the exciting and magical things 2009 promises to bring---namely our daughter home to us. . . so ladybugs are on order!!!

Adoption is not something people fall into by accident. It is such a long and arduous and costly and emotional and trying process, that only the strongest, most determined make it to the finish line. And,many people are stopped short at various points in the process due to the rigorous standards and constant changes that go hand-in-hand with the adoption journey. I have heard many times that adoption is not for the faint of heart. That is true. It takes great faith, diligence, planning, optimism and patience to walk this road, and sometimes even then can end in heartbreak. But, I cling to the belief that when the time is right (I believe in God's timing), the diligence is rewarded---and the reward is something that cannot be measured in earthly measurements. The reward will go straight through your heart to the depths of the soul intertwining lives together, fulfilling purpose, completing families, making a difference and changing every life touched by the adoption.

The road that led Geoff and me to adoption began over a year ago---but really long before that--long before we even knew we were being called to adopt to complete our family. And, every day has been preparing us since then. Even the delays and heart-aches along the way. Every person arrives at the decision to adopt from different places--but the end result is the same. A child comes home and a family is created.

I look forward to the beautiful things 2009 brings---to our family and to the countless others I've met along this journey. And, my hope is that the other 143 million orphaned children in our world will also come to know their families.

Thank you for following, and hopefully soon there will be exciting referral news for our JOH families. I will post as soon as news occurs!

Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dancing Lights at Calloway Gardens

Geoff had a good time playing with light on the trolley ride through the Christmas light displays at Calloway. The ride was so bumpy, that it was nearly impossible to get any clear shots--so, he made the most of it and actually liked the result! Kind of crazy and abstract, but amazing what the camera saw on a slow shutter speed. Hope you have fun looking!

Fairy that brings spring

This one is my favorite! I think it may have been an angel.

This is the shot of Snowflake Valley with a fast shutter speed

Snowflake Valley at a slow shutter speed
Gorgeous tree covered in lights reflecting off the lake