Saturday, March 10, 2012

Funny Story!! "Who Works for #1???"

So, let me see if I can capture this story adequately in words. I'm not sure it is possible. It may just be one of those "you had to be there" moments. . .

Last night, we went to eat at a little Mexican restaurant for dinner. Of course, like clockwork, Mei Li tells me halfway through the meal that she needs to make a potty run. Is it just me? Or, do all of my other mommy and daddy comrades experience the same thing? Every time we are in a public place. . . restaurant, store or otherwise. . . someone ALWAYS needs to visit the potty. I just LOVE public restrooms!! I enjoy them so much, I can't even think of going to out to dinner without spending at least a quarter of my dining experience in the public facilities. . . Of course, my tongue is firmly jabbing the inside of my cheek! Haha! :-)

So, last night was no different. Thankfully, I had finished most of my meal. But, about that time, Mei Li informs me that her tummy hurts. So, we head to the throne room. Of course, Anna Grace comes along too. It's a family party! Mei Li sits for a while and becomes frustrated that things are not moving as quickly as she would prefer. The next thing I know, in Mei Li style, she huffs in exasperation and slaps her knee and yells out, "Come on!!! Come on, poo poo!!! Come on!!!!" I laugh out loud at her spontaneous outburst and try to get her to quiet down in the event any other patrons happen to walk in to her "poo-poo calling ritual". I tell her to just relax and playfully tell her to find her "zen place". I began to hum "OHMMMMM. . . " She looks up at me and rolls her eyes and says, "Mama. . . stop it. " The next thing I know, Mei Li does her own version. She looks up to the ceiling of that Mexican restaurant potty and goes, " Meoooooooooooooooow".
Oh my!!!! It's a good thing no one else walked in to the restroom during our little potty experience!! Normally, I get frustrated when I have to leave a perfectly good meal on my table to go hang out in a dirty public toilet. But, last night. . . I was thoroughly entertained!!! Ha!!! This just goes to show. . . there is NEVER a dull moment at the White house!!!

Of course, we got back to the table and shared the story with Daddy, and he laughed out loud and said it reminded him of the Austin Powers "who works for #1?" scene!!

Sorry to start your Saturday with potty humor, but this one was just too funny "not" to share!