Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving Memories

Mommy's sweet angel AG
Mommy's sweet angel Mei Li :)

Traveling home. . . got her bag, her doll and her chocolate. She's ready to roll!!

Yaya's 2 best girls. . . who are "not" ready to leave to travel back home! ;)

AG and Mei Li live it up in Uncle Ken and Aunt Beth's hot tub! Mei Li may not be able to put her whole body in, but it doesn't stop her from fully enjoying taking it as far as she can!! :)

Mei Li loving on her Yaya! :)
Aunt Beth and Mei Li "cheesing" for the camera ;)

Mei Li is not sure what to thing about this big "dog" ;) Her first experience meeting a cow!
But Uncle Ken is keeping her safe!

That's my girl!! On second thought, why not??? She reached right out and petted it right on its fuzzy top knot!! ;)

Totally enamored with her Uncle Ken, she delights in showing him a twig she found on the ground! I love to see her light up over the little things most of us walk by without a second thought.

Family photo. . . and AG and Mei Li stealing the show . . . with the beautiful Smokey Mountains in the background. Such a beautiful place!!

Feels good taking a family photo with the four of us!

Ice cream dreams!!

Sweet angel with almond eyes. . . How we adore you!

She is "ham and cheese" all the way!! ;)

Big sis got Mei Li a balloon at the restaurant. . . because that's what "big sisters" do!!

Yaya, Aunt Beth, Geoff and AG. . . 3 generations of Whites :)

It's hard to believe all that transpired in the month of November!! I've already blogged on Mei Li's casting and her surgery on her foot. . . as well as the visit with the neurosurgeon. So, I won't rehash all of those details. And, that lead us right up to Thanksgiving, where we traveled to Asheville, NC to visit Geoff's family. They were able to come down for a short weekend at the time of Mei Li's surgery, but thankfully, we were able to spend several days over Thanksgiving up in the mountains with them for us to have more quality time to spend. It was 4 days packed with great food and wonderful company. And, I do believe that Mei Li succeeded on a grand scale in wrapping each one of the family members securely around her tiny finger!! As Yaya so eloquently put it, "It would be impossible to "not" love Mei Li. She is sunshine on a cloudy day!" And, I don't think there are better words to describe her!
And, AG had a blast. She got to spend the night with Aunt Beth and Uncle Ken. And, she had some great one-on-one time with her Yaya (and AG cherishes every moment with her!)
Mei Li has only one more week to go with her cast. Then, OFF it comes! After that, she will be able to walk with a brace on her leg. Hoping she will have good strength in that leg once the cast comes off so she will be able to walk on it. It has been 9 weeks of casting that hasn't allowed her to walk. She will have to rebuild her muscle tone in that leg, for sure.
For now, I am trying very hard to keep her big toe from getting banged-up any worse. She doesn't have any feeling in that foot and she knocks the mess out of that toe when she crawls. She has even lost her toenail. I am cleaning it daily, putting antibiotic ointment on it and wrapping her like a mummy with gauze and paper tape. . . then applying two thick socks over the top. Can't wait for that cast to come off!

We just learned today that Mei Li's MRI of her spine will be be on Dec. 19th. We are eager to get that done and know the results. . . and then figure out the game plan from there.

I hope each of you had a beautiful Thanksgiving as well. We are cherishing every moment with our two girls. . . and we catch our breath over the thought of the incredible gift Mei Li is to our family. And, AG is such a wonderful big sister. . . it is a joy to watch her falling deeper in love every day with this person who was a dream in her heart for so long. Wow. . . never in a million years. . . we are most definitely counting our blessings!