Saturday, June 13, 2009

Birthdays and Summer Fun

My sweet mama at my surprise party!

Anna Grace, Ramsey and Bryant

Bryant and Me Birthday '09

Anna Grace, Leah and Me

Tam and me :D

Tawny, Taylor and me (Sophisticated Ladies!)

Haley and Anna Grace

Kim and Me at the surprise party!

I have been lax about posting over the past month, so it is time to say "hello" and update on what's been going on with the Whites. We have been very busy since Easter. It seems theatre has been the focal point of the White family life over the past months. It truly has been fun. I finished my run with Sweeney Todd in May, and almost immediately, Geoff and Anna Grace began rehearsals for Beauty and the Beast which will open in July. And, currently I'm teaching theatre workshops to children all summer long with two different theatre companies. I finished my first full workshop week this past week-----whew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can tell you I haven't exerted that much energy for that length of time in a LONG time! And, I sit here this weekend with laryngitis, body aches and a sore throat. I think it is a combination of pure exhaustion and maybe a cold on top of it! Haha!!! I'm recovering. . . . QUICKLY. . . because I get to do it all over again Monday morning! :-) I LOVE it!!!!

A few shots of me in Sweeney Todd as Lucy, the Beggar Woman

And, I have to include something extra special about my sweet husband in this post. I believe I have the most thoughtful husband ever!!! My birthday (we won't say which one!!! ;D), was June 3rd. Geoff planned a surprise party at one of our new favorite restaurants in town. Anna Grace helped him and even kept it a secret!!!! I can't believe my little girl (who never keeps a secret! ;-) was such a big girl in helping to host my surprise birthday party! I am lucky, indeed, to have such special people as Geoff and Anna Grace in my life! It was the best birthday I can remember! I was amazed at the wonderful friends who showed up and took time to come out and honor my day. It felt great!

Now, about our adoption process. . . There were a couple of referrals about a month ago with Journeys, but nothing since. The wait times have increased dramatically over the past 6 months. Families are now waiting over a year from waitlist to referral. Only 6 months ago, people were waiting 7-8 months. It is anticipated that wait times could go to 18 months. So, we are hanging in there with the wait, preparing to update our homestudy and FBI check in the next couple of months (as they will expire before our process is completed), and we are choosing to live, fully, every day and not dwell on the things we can't control. I'm enjoying working with the theatre. . . performing on stage, writing, and teaching. Geoff is pursuing his photography. Anna Grace is enjoying participating in theatre, and will begin piano this summer. And, I am beginning the process of recording an album---a dream I've had for a long time. We are making the most of every day, and when the time is right the phone will ring and we will see our daughter's face.

In the meantime, I'm sharing a few pics from my surprise birthday, put together by my wonderful husband and sweet daughter! Enjoy!!