Tuesday, November 18, 2008

November News

Well, the good news keeps rolling in on our Journeys of the Heart Yahoo group! There have been 4 baby girl referrals for the month of November and it's only the 18th!! That puts Geoff and me at 11th on the waitlist!! If the referrals keep rolling in, we will receive that call sooner than later!! How exciting. I hope the referrals keep rolling, and I'm so happy and proud for all the folks receiving their good news phone calls!!

I'll keep posting as news occurs! If you haven't been to our adoption bracelet blog, check it out. There's a link over to the right side "Children of the World adoption bracelets". They are really poplular and folks are purchasing them across the U.S. So far, they are adorning wrists in Alabama, North Carolina, Virginia, Missouri, and Texas. I would love for them to reach every state and even go international as each one carries a message of "hope" and tells the story of the many orphans still awaiting their families. Not to mention---they are really cool and affordable!! Great stocking stuffers!

Hopefully, there will be more exciting news to report in the upcoming few months! Thank you for following! Have an awesome day!