Monday, October 26, 2009

Here are some of AG's latest costume fashions! ;-)

AG sporting her "Queen of Hearts" (who's all about LOVE--who's turned over a new leaf) for Hero Day at school. Just when I thought I was done. . . Anna Grace informs me, it is missing a detail. Gotta add some ballet slippers on there too to capture a hobby of AG's. This "hero" is supposed to capture a postive character trait and something "uniquely" Anna Grace. So, love and ballet it is!! "Dancin' Queen of Hearts".
Now, Anna Grace decided she wanted to be Mary Poppins for Halloween this year. I love me some Mary Poppins, however, the costumes online were $150!!!! SOOOO, I did a little thrift store shopping, used some dye, elbow grease and hot glue and put together my own Mary Poppins outfit. I think it turned out pretty well for hand-made.

Anna Grace had 50's day and here's the little getup we put together! Fun, fun!!!!
We've had big fun at the White House putting together some fun costumes for different occasions in the past two weeks. I guess all that theatre time and seeing the magic made in costume shops has helped me a lot! Haha!!!