Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Taiwan's Red Tape Became Our Red Thread to China

Well, it's been an overwhelming and amazing two weeks. . . after an amazing year of discovery and growth and new beginnings. I'm just going to say it. . .

We have FOUND our daughter, at last!!! :) She is beautiful, she is 3years old and she is living in Shanghai!!

After a 3 year adoption journey, two of those years spent "stuck in the mud" in Taiwan, with no foreseeable change in status; two weeks ago, we were shown the file of a little "glowing" beauty in Shanghai. I say she glows because every single picture shows her with a smile that spans her entire face and lights up her eyes. She is a happy little girl full of joy that cannot be contained. You can't look at her picture and not start smiling yourself!! :)

What is amazing, is that her file was handed to Geoff and me 2 days before the "birth" of my album. The call from the international medicine pediatrician to review her file came 2 hours before my album release!! After two years in a barren desert with no word and no forward movement in our adoption, both the birth of my long-awaited album and the birth of our long-awaited daugther were given to us on the very same day! God is absolutely amazing!! ONLY He could time things that perfectly!

Another really cool confirmation. . . The name that we have had for our daugther for 3 years is Mei Li. Our little sweetheart in China's name ends in Mei. And, she answers to Mei Mei!! Mei Mei is "Sister" in Chinese. And, our daughter has a panda bear that she named Mei Mei that she sleeps with every night.

So, today our LOI (Letter of Intent to Adopt) was sent to China! We are awaiting our pre-approval. And we are about to bust wide open with excitement that our beautiful little girl is finally coming home soon!!!

And, the album release was an absolute dream come true. It was a great turnout and a magical evening. I have MANY hard copies of "Dancin' on the Wind" that I would love to sign and sell. The hard copies are $15 with $2.50 shipping. Let me know if you would like a signed copy. And, you can find me on iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby as well!!! Now, there is even more reason for this album to sell many copies. . . we have a baby girl to bring home from China!!! Yay! Please spread the word to all of your friends about my album. Word of mouth is my best friend!!
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The blessings are pouring so fast we can't open our arms wide enough to catch them all!
Please lift a prayer that our Mei Li will be brought home soon!