Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween 2008!!! The Year of "Bo Peep"

Fun Halloween Memories 2008!!

Farmer "White" and Goat girl (lovely costume, huh? :-)

Heading out for "Tricks or Treats!"

Anna Grace is ready for a big Halloween starting her day off with her kindergarten dress up day as "Little Bo Peep"!! Boy, are we looking forward to some fun today! After loads of fun at school, we met up with friends and had a "chili fest" and trick or treats. Another great Halloween!!
Happy Halloween everyone!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Salsa Verde, Anyone????

Wow!!! Take a gander at that mother-load of green tomatoes that we pulled off the vine today!! 209 tomatoes on October 29th! We had our first freeze last night--so who knows if they'll be any good. But, fried green tomatoes and salsa verde are two things that come to mind. LOTS of salsa verde and a restaurant full of fried green tomatoes!!!!
We started by just getting the big green ones off the vine, but it turned into a rescue mission for even the tiniest baby green tomato. Each one deserved a right to survive the freeze forcasted for tonight. In Anna Grace's words. . . "No mama, get them all!!! Get that baby one too. It doesn't want to freeze its "toucas" off tonight!!" So, we rescued them all. . . all 209 tomatoes---some red, most green, some large some tiny. But each one important to a little girl named Anna Grace.