Thursday, May 15, 2008

Homestudy is officially off to DHR!!!!!

I called today to inquire and our social worker called us back with the news that the homestudy had, indeed, been sent today to DHR!!!! It will be a few months, more than likely, before we are cleared through Immigration---but at least now we are on our way!!!! Yahoooooo!! It felt like it was never going to happen, and now it has at last!! :-)

Now, I will get working on compiling our photo pages for our agency and doing more required reading. While we wait on Immigration--we need to get our ducks in a row.

Whew!!! I feel relief!!

Thanks for reading :-)


Friday Update

I haven't posted much about our adoption lately because, frankly, not much has happened as of late. It seems it has been one long dramatic pause over the past couple of months as we wait for our homestudy to be completed and then passed through DHR and Immigration. I have been told that our homestudy should be mailed "today" to DHR. That could be a 2-4 week process. Then it will go to Atlanta to CIS (Immigration). That could be 2-3 months. Only after all of that will we have a notarized homestudy. And, only then will we be able to get on the waitlist.

I have been told adoption is not for the "faint of heart". It is true. It is not so easy or so simple as it seems it should be. To me, the problem to be solved is simple. There are 143 million children who need loving parents. There are countless men and women longing to have a child to love. Bring the two together giving both a hope and a future. There is just no "good reason" that the system takes so long to put these children with families who love them. Maybe in time, the adoption system will be streamlined to work more effectively and efficiently--putting children with their families sooner than later. I hope that day comes soon.

I will certainly post as soon as I learn that our homestudy has been sent on to DHR.

Have a wonderful Friday, everyone!! And, thanks so much for reading :-)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

More Fun this Weekend with my cousins!

What an exciting weekend it has been! Scott, Emmalie, Ramsey and baby Bryant came for a visit while Uncle Scott took a couple of study courses for his upcoming boards. This is our culminating dinner at my favorite little Mexican restaurant after days of fun at the park, the botanical gardens and the zoo. I've journaled our last few days of fun memories as photos. Enjoy!

Tired, hot, happy and full of good Mexican food after a fast, fun-filled weekend!

Yes, I'm a flirt. . . and yes, you do love this face!

My happy little Bryant!

Some sliding fun. . .

Wait for me!!!!

"I'm a mayus!!" (Ramsey's way of saying "I'm a mess")

Taking ownership of the monkey bars. . . and cousin Ramsey awaits her try.

We have played hard and had a great time making some special memories this weekend. Best cousins. . . best friends!!