Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Mommy's Prayer. . .

Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray for Dr. Blount and his entire surgical team and their families this weekend. I pray that each one of them is healthy, well-rested and is filled with your peace and joy. I pray that your presence will be in that operating room, Monday morning, and that your angels will be in attendance to watch over our Mei Li and hold her hand during surgery since Mommy will not be able to. You know, Dear Lord, how much it means to Mei Li to hold her Mommy's hand every night while she falls asleep. I pray that you will give Dr. Blount a supernatural wisdom and precision and that your Holy Spirit will guide his hands during the procedure. I pray that Mei Li will have a peace in her heart and that You will calm her fears.

I pray that this procedure will be successful! I pray that the tumor will be successfully detached. I pray that you will keep spinal fluid from leaking. I pray that Mei Li will be healthy and have NO infection. I pray for "no" paralysis. And, I pray that Mei Li will remain continent. And, while I'm asking You for so much, I'm going to go ahead and ask You to please allow movement and feeling to return to Mei Li's lifeless little foot. I know that we have been told that that "will not" happen. And, we are at peace if You choose to leave it as it is. But, I also know that nothing is impossible for You. So, while we are "praying BIG prayers", I'm going to go ahead and claim that too!

I love you, Lord! You have blessed our family in so many beautiful ways. And You have blessed us mightily with our sweet Anna Grace and our newest angel, Mei Li. Please hold her in the palm of Your hand on Monday. And, I pray that You will use the miracle of her precious life and radiant spirit in mighty ways.

I pray for your peace and calm to rest on Geoff, Anna Grace, me and the whole family as we wait. We place Mei Li in your hands, and we will confidently "believe", and hold on to the faith and hope we have in You and the incredible people You have given us to care for our little girl.

Father, we remain "available" for You. Come, Holy Spirit. . .


Friday, January 27, 2012

T Minus 2 and counting. . .

Mei Li's amazement watching the circus!!

We just got the call this morning that Mei Li's spinal surgery is a "first-start" on Monday morning. We are to check in to the hospital at 5:30 a.m. and surgery is scheduled for 7:15. She is expected to be in the hospital for 3-4 days; and, if all goes as planned, home on her back for 10 days.

The 4 areas of concern regarding the surgery are 1. leaking of spinal fluid 2. incontinence
3. infection 4. potential paralysis
Please keep our sweet girl in your prayers. And, we ask that you pray, specifically, for these things. . . And, of course, that Dr. Blount will be able to accomplish his goal of detaching the tumor from her spinal chord.

BUT, "today" we had fun!! We went to the circus! It was Mei Li's first circus experience, and we had ringside seats!! Thanks to our sweet friends Tammy and Lamana for inviting us to join them! It was an amazing show, and Mei Li was wide-eyed, open-mouthed . . . with occasional squeals throughout! However, she is very sensitive to loud noises, and the noise level was incredible. So, about an hour into the show, I had to take Mei Li out due to her not feeling well. Anna Grace stayed with our friends and enjoyed the whole show, while I took Mei Li next door to Birmingham Children's Theatre and visited with all of our good friends there. A Coke (which Mei Li calls Kuhla) and some crackers and lots of attention from our friends at BCT, and Mei Li was feeling fine in no time!!

We're gearing up for Monday, and Geoff's Mom ,"Yaya", is flying in on Sunday to help out for the next two weeks. I am so very thankful that she is coming to lend a hand! And, the girls are ecstatic that they are going to get some much-needed Yaya time!

I'll keep everyone posted on Mei Li's progress on Monday. And, as always, thanks for your prayers and for continuing to follow our journey.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sweet Story. . . From a Sweet Heart

I just have to share a Mei Li story that happened a little over a week ago, and it warmed my heart. I had to go to the ENT to find out why I was experiencing hoarseness. It was noticeable to me when I spoke, but especially when I tried to sing. It had been going on for a while, and wasn't getting better. So, I loaded up Anna Grace and Mei Li and took them with me to the ENT. He scoped me and took pictures of my vocal chords while he had me sing certain pitches. Long story short, it turns out that I have acid reflux, and some irritation of the vocal chords from using my speaking voice too harshly. I'm guilty of calling to the girls from upstairs and downstairs, refereeing their minor arguments and laying down "the law" with my "Mommy voice" too much. So, he prescribed, Prilosec (for the reflux), Prednisone (to bring down the irritation, as I was to sing in a benefit concert the following week), and vocal rest.

We got home from the doc, and Mei Li came to me, very concerned. She asked, "Mommy, ni binglung?" (Mommy, you sick?) I told her that Mommy's voice is hurt, and I can't sing for a little while. I have some medicine to take, and I have to rest my voice.
Mei Li's eyes widened and a dark cloud came over her little face. Tears began to well up in her sweet brown eyes, and she began to cry. She said, her voice breaking, "Mommy, wo yaw Mommy better. Wo yaw mommy sing".
You see, Mei Li absolutely loves music. She loves it more than most children. She can't get enough of it. But, at the top of her list is her Mommy's music. I sent her one of my CDs in a care package when she was in the orphanage in China. I had no idea if they were going to play my music for her, but my hope was that they would. And, I hoped that she could begin to know her mother's voice through my music---especially, song #6 "Songbird". I recorded that song in Mei Li's honor. It is her song, sung to her by her mother who was waiting for her. Since she has come home, all she wants to do is listen to Mommy's music. She has a very opinionated musical palate. She will quickly tell you that she doesn't want to hear quite a number of musicians! Lol! But, she will ask to hear "Mei Li's song" all the time. Over and over she will ask me to play it, and she will comment on the lyrics in the song. "Mommy, Mei Li boo yaw cry", after I sing the line "For you, there'll be no more crying". And, as soon as the last note plays, she asks me to play the song again.
What an angel with a sweet heart. It broke her heart to learn that her mother, who's music means so much to her. . . and comforted her while she was in that orphanage in Shanghai. . . could not sing because her voice was injured. Those tears caught me by surprise, but taught me, even more, what a loving and special little girl we have the honor of calling our daughter.