Friday, April 6, 2012

Mei Li. . . 6 months later :D

What a difference 6 months can make! In these pics, you can only see how much her hair has grown and how happy she is. But, the pictures don't show the corrective surgeries, or her walking normally, or how beautifully she is speaking and understanding the English language. Just goes to show the miracle of "love". The greatest of these, indeed, is "Love". :)

In Guangzhou, China with our two girls. . . 6 months ago
Mei Li in the airport. . . October 2011. . . Her whole world is strange and brand new. :)
Aunt Emmalie sent Mei Li bows for her hair. She couldn't decide, so she wore them all. :)
Her big wish. . . to have long hair.
Mei Li March 2012. . . 6 months home with her family

April 2012. . .

Love this precious girl~

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Springtime in Asheville

The last 24 hours in pictures!! A mad dash to Asheville for a quick and much needed getaway! Here are a few pics from the adventure. :)
"Alice" may still be looking for the White Rabbit,
but Mei Li has found it! . . . and has it in a chokehold!!! ;)

My two beautiful girls in front of Aunt Beth's Weeping Cherry tree

Silly sisters. . .

This Easter, the Cherry blossoms are smiling because our Mei Li is finally home!

Sweetness with a dash of "diva"! ;)

Equal parts of sugar and mischief! ;)


My heart. . . . Oh, do we ever love this little girl!!!

The prettiest blossom of all!

My beautiful angel. . . AG

There is nothing more beautiful than God's artistry! These dripping blossoms hanging off the branches. . . this lovely young lady. . . nothing manmade can compare :)

Nothing better than fresh mountain air and the flowers of spring to rejuvenate the soul!!