Monday, March 9, 2009

Dottie the Spotless Ladybug

Well, we had a good weekend at the White House--in spite of Geoff being sick with bronchitis and injuring his back in a coughing fit. Poor fella---he's feeling much better now.

We went to Sloss Furnaces on Sunday to take some interesting photographs and Anna Grace found her first ladybug of spring! She named this spotless ladybug "Dottie"! How cute is that???Unfortunately, she accidentally dropped Dottie through a metal grate with water running below and I've never seen my little girl cry so hard. Dottie was her new friend and pet----plus AG knows that ladybugs are good luck for adoptioin. Dropping Dottie, for AG, was more serious than dropping a ladybug. It was almost like she had dropped her sister she's waited for for so long. It broke my heart to see her so upset---who would have thought a bug could cause so much emotional turmoil???

I told Anna Grace that all ladybugs can fly and that I believe Dottie flew away.
Anyway, I found the cutest outfit for AG at a consignment sale this weekend and it was red with black polka-dots and ladybug buttons down the front. So, in honor of Dottie---and the sister she's been waiting for--Anna Grace was dressed in ladybug couture today!!!

Here's hoping for a wonderful March!