Sunday, November 23, 2008

Finally in the Top 10!!!!!

Wow! What a month November has been for Journeys of the Heart!!!! 5 baby girl referrals for Program III, and the month isn't over yet! That is just amazing! Now, after a whole year of waiting, painfully, I might add, for our homestudy to be completed in order to get on this wait list---we find ourselves (for the 1st time) experiencing a "RUSH" of movement in our adoption process. And, I must tell you----it feels great!!! We got on the waitlist in September as #19 on the list---and we (2 months later) are #10 on the list! You can do the math. . . if the pace keeps up (which is probably not likely) we could have our referral and see our sweet baby girl's face for the first time in January/February! I realize there are dry months with no referrals or only 1 or 2 referrals---but allow me to dream a little!!!! It could happen. . . :-)

This week has been a rough week at the White House. Anna Grace has been very sick with a bug/virus of some sort that has given her a high fever for 5 days straight (103!!) and a terrible respiratory issue with wheezing and barking coughs (violent coughs that lead her to gag). The Dr. couldn't seem to find what was wrong, but did hear the burbling in her lungs. So, this weekend, we have laid low and she has been taking a steriod to bring the inflamation down in her lungs. We're hoping she will continue to feel better soon. She has missed school and rehearsals--and most of all--she has felt just terrible.

We did go ahead and put up the Christmas tree today (since we were all here home-bound). That is the EARLIEST we have ever done that, but I realized with the schedule we have coming up--- 2 shows about to kick into full production mode--travel, etc.--- if we didn't do it today, I wasn't sure when we could. So, it is done, except for the outside. I don't want the neighbors to know we jumped the gun on Christmas decorations--so we'll wait for the outside until "after" Thanksgiving. Haha!!! It feels GREAT to have it done and not have to try to fit it in between a million other things.

I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving, safe travel, and much to be thankful for. Thank you for following! I'll post some pictures soon.

And, "cheers!!!!" to more referrals while the ball is rolling!