Friday, August 22, 2008

No news is. . . . no news

Gosh, I was holding off on posting a while, just hoping that we would have some great news to share with everyone that our USCIS approval had come. But, alas. . . nothing. I finally got in touch with our social worker today who shared that they have about 20 families in the same predicament---waiting on their approval from USCIS. And, they are receiving no communication from Immigration either. . . just crickets chirping. So, we continue our wait and hope that one day soon, we will get confirmation in the mail so that we can go on the waitlist---something we've been striving to do since last October.

On a positive note, I performed my concert, "Unabandoned Love. . . the Orphan's Road Home" at Riverchase United Methodist last week and it went so very well, and was well-received by all who attended. My hope is to schedule more concerts soon. There are so many millions of children who need loving parents out there. I would like to think maybe I could help inspire others to consider adoption and change the world by loving a child.

Thanks for reading, and I'll post as soon as I have news :-) Have a wonderful weekend everyone!