Monday, February 9, 2009

Fun with Daddy this weekend!

A Great Weekend!!

This weekend was definitely a highlight after a frustrating time of sickness and no adoption news last week. It all began with a girl's day on Friday. I kept Anna Grace home from Kindergarten to take her to see 2 live performances at the Children's Theater. Oh, my goodness. . . it was a wonderful experience!!! We saw a Russian folktale directed by one of my most admired directors in town. It was absolutely exquisite! Anna Grace was enthralled and told me her teacher had read the story to her class just a few weeks before!!! How perfect is that????

Then, we went to one of their smaller theatres and saw an adaptation of Goldiocks and the Three Bears. Again. . . fabulous!!! So, we had a day full of culture. Then Anna Grace came with me to my rehearsal for the George Washington Carver show I am currently in. We did lunch together and just had a great time.

Then, on Saturday, Geoff and Anna Grace went on a photo shoot together and then went to my sweet neice's 4th birthday party. They had a grand time!!! I was at the theatre helping instruct the Youth Showcase which opened and closed this weekend with 4 performances. I'm telling you, I have never been so amazed by what these young performers are capable of doing. There are no better performances at Disney. . . and that is not an exaggeration!!! I was honored to be able to instruct and coach them. And, the end result was nothing short of WOW!!!!! I was left in a puddle---just absolutely earth-moving!

It feels great to do what I love to do. . . sing/theatre and work with young people. It is beyond rewarding. I also cherish these moments with my daughter. She is growing up before my very eyes, and I want to be sure I embrace every single moment with her.

Hopefully, the next couple of weeks will bring some referral news to our anxious JOH families. I will certainly share when I hear!!

Have a wonderful week, and thank you for reading.