Saturday, April 12, 2008

Fun Times with the Family!!!

Daddy and Anna Grace rub noses at Loopie's Pizzeria a few weekends ago when we made it a special day outing at the Chatanooga Aquarium. Just now posting these pics from a few weeks ago!!
Lovely family photo op. Isn't it lovely with the beautiful blooming dogwood, the rustic rock wall and the metal double doors in the background!! Haha!
Anna Grace doing a little fountain jumping. It's funny, they have 3 rows of these fountains shooting out of the sidewalk and AG had a great time running and jumping them all.
My sweet girl never turns down a chance to have a little Ben and Jerry's ice cream!

Ice cream was the closing treat for a grand day at the Chatanooga Aquarium!! What a fun day!! Maybe next time we come back, we'll have Anna Grace's little sister with us!!

Now, it's been an interesting week! The excitement began on Tuesday when I met with the owner of a long-established recording studio in town, and he talked with me about producing an album for me! There is much to be decided and worked out before we can proceed, but it surely is an exciting possibility! That's actually an understatement. . . it is a lifelong dream of mine. I hope it all works out!

Additionally, we received a call from Karla, our social worker with the adoption, yesterday. She said that our homestudy rough draft had been sent to Journeys of the Heart for review!! Wohooo!! Hopefully, it will pass review the first time and we will, VERY SOON, be on the waiting list for our daughter. This is a HUGE step---Great news!!! :-)

This weekend has been fun and filled with activity. My little niece came to spend the night with us (Anna Grace and she had such a great time!)--and we did paintings, movies, bubbles, games, etc.! Whew! I need a nap :-)

What is most pressing, right now, is getting the concert ready for the 27th. It's all coming together very nicely, and hopefully I will soon have more concert dates on the calendar.