Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Service Plan Completed and Submitted!!

Yesterday was a big milestone for us as we completed typing up our 16 page service plan. For those who may not know what this is--it is a list of goals and subgoals that we respond to focusing on all the ways we plan to prepare ourselves, educate ourselves and better ourselves to become parents to a child through adoption. It is very comprehensive and covers a range of topics. The point is to have the adoptive parents thoroughly and realistically plan and prepare for the "realities" of parenting.

Yesterday was also my birthday, and it felt great to finish the service plan and send it to the home office!!

Now that our photo page photos have been reviewed--we are ready to have those printed and submitted for our dossier as well.

We are on our way!! The photo pages and service plan are 2 HUGE steps that have to be completed before we can be given a referral. And, now it is done!!! :-) Yahoo!!!!

We still await word from our social worker that our homestudy has been approved at DHR and has been sent on to Immigration. That news should come any time now.

Thanks for reading!!