Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Fun Start to School and Ballet

We have had a great couple of weeks as Anna Grace has started Kindergarten! She is loving school and is doing so well. She was tested on her literacy/reading skills and surpassed the benchmark goals expected for her by May!!!! I am very proud of her. She loves riding the bus, she loves being a "big girl" and getting her lunch in the lunch line (she tells me when she wants mommy to pack her lunch), and she absolutely loves her teacher. I am so very thankful for that! We did take pictures of her on her first day of school, and as soon as I get those downloaded (this weekend), I'll add them.

Anna Grace also started ballet at the Alabama Royal Academy of Ballet this past week. She had a very exciting first class!! Here are some photos.
Anna Grace gets ready for her first ballet class!!

Anna Grace and her new friend

"Girls, how many of you watched the Olympics? Do you remember how the gymnasts walked in nicely? We will walk with our hands on our hips."

Anna Grace getting ready for a fun first class

Now, we did have a family Luau (as Anna Grace called it) when I made Tilapia tacos a few days ago. So, we decided to make it a family celebration! Here are a few pics:

A few days back, Anna Grace drew this drawing on her art easel. She explained that it was the Great Wall of China, Mrs. Tien in front (our Taiwan facilitator), daddy behind her, mommy and then Anna Grace (with the bow in her hair). Mrs. Tien is taking us to bring home our baby sister from Taiwan. And, if you look closely, you can see the row of babies she drew. Pretty amazing understanding for a 5 year old.

Anna Grace is holding her new mandolin she is excited to learn to play. Thank you Cool Mandolin for Kids Co.!! You do wonderful things for children and music!

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend, everyone! And, again, thanks so much for following along!


Lisa said...

Your photos are beautiful and I'm so glad that Anna Grace had a wonderful start to her school year. The picture she drew is precious and very special. What a keepsake that will be!
Happy weekend!
Lisa C.

couey2007 said...

Just wanted to let you know .... you are in my prayers!! Please let me know if I can do anything to help make the waiting easier.

Michelle C, AL