Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hip Hip Hooray!!! We're Waitlisted TODAY!!!!!!

Well, after what seems an eternity, we took a HUGE step forward today----we got the email that we are on the waitlist!!!!! Truly---I met my husband, dated, fell in love, got engaged, planned a wedding and said "I do" in the same amount of time it has taken for us to get a completed home study and a notice that we're on the waitlist. (We've now been married 9 happy years!! )

Hopefully, the rest of the process will move quickly and with no major snags. We are HAPPY in Alabama tonight!! Wohooooo :-)

Thanks for reading and for your prayers and positive thoughts. . .


Sarah k said...

AMEN AND AMEN!!!! This is excellent news hon.. now we wait! Sit tight, anything can happen now!!

Sarah k

Lisa said...

You know that there have been hoots of pure joy from Illinois! :) I know I've said it once already, but just sooo very tickled and thrilled for guys are well on your way to your baby girl and that sister for Anna Grace! Yay!!
((( Hugs )))
Lisa C.

dan and rachel said...

congratulations!!! you made it! i'm so happy for you!

oh -- and my husband and I were married in just under 6 mo from our first date and we are soul mates. we've been happily married for almost 5 years.

rachel (JOH)

Lisa said...

Are you still on cloud nine? :)
Yes, its just me again....wanted to pop in and say "hi" and find our how you celebrated this big news!
Lisa C.

Sarah and Dan Sullivan said...

Kristy, Great news!!! That is just the best feeling!! I am so happy for you guys. Sarah