Sunday, October 5, 2008

Beach Memories

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My sweetie and me at the beach. . .

Sunrise over the salt marsh. . .

Our sunrise walk--gosh it was gorgeous!!!!

Daddy and his beach angel

Kisses for daddy

--check out that most perfect sand artfully designed by the ocean breezes. . .

Shell huntin' success!!!

Anna Grace after she races us back to the condo---and wins!!!

Sunset at Seagrove Beach

Oh, beautiful jellies in the crystal waters---if only you would have let us enjoy the water too!

sun-bathin' beauty

Making "Drip Castles" with Mama "B". . .

Ocean over the dunes. . .

morning walks on the beach--with coffee!!

Our family. . .

The whole gang of us at the beach!! What great times we had. . .

Mama, me and Anna Grace---3 generations of women! I'm so glad mom came!

Well, there are times when you just need to take a break from things to embrace the simple, fundamental beautiful things in life--and shut out the clutter, noise, stress and distraction of the every day routine. These times refresh, restore and inspire you--and they shine a light on all the things we have to be truly thankful for--our health, the beauty of nature around us that stays constant even during these tumultuous times in our world, and the people in our lives who are walking this life-journey with us. I became keenly aware during my reflective time at the beach how the simple things, at the end of the day, are what we are left with. And they are what matters--not the urgent matters that vie for our attention every day.

Above are some reflections of our trip----hope you enjoy!


Sarah k said...

Awesome pictures hon! The beach looks so peaceful and just pure white! What a wonderful way to find a little peace and work through some things! I loved your thoughts with it too! I remember sitting by the beach in Florida when we lived there and just seeming to be able to think clearer! It was an awesome time to reflect!

Sarah k

Lisa said...

Gorgeous photos of your trip and family! Thank you for sharing a bit of the peace you embraced on your trip! Looks like it was a slice of pure bliss!
Hugs my friend,
Lisa C.