Sunday, November 2, 2008

Anna Grace's "Life Story" Necklace

I had a wonderful time, yesterday, designing this "Life Story" necklace/bracelet set with Anna Grace. I allowed her to choose the charms. I chose the blue stone and crystal beads (I chose the blue because her B'day is December). and I created this set that highlights "everything Anna Grace!" I'm so proud that I did it, and now I know how to design jewelry! Anna Grace loved being a part, and it was very interesting to see what she chose and how she views herself!
Just had to share our successful project!! Still no new adoption news to report on our end. We really don't expect to hear any "referral news" until the spring. So, until we hear about something adoption related, I'll keep sharing our family news and latest happenings!
Have a wonderful day! And, thanks for reading :-)


Lisa said...

I'm so glad you shared that beautiful post and necklace. What a creative and lovely activity for you both to share!
I also LOVE, LOVE the Little Bo Peep costume...she looks so sweet and lovely!
I love reading your snippets of daily life while you await your referral...please do keep sharing!
Lisa C.

Sarah k said...

Too sweet!!! I love this idea!!

Sarah k