Sunday, December 14, 2008

December Days

Anna Grace and her daddy went exploring at a local camp site!!

Throwing stones in the creek is so much fun!

Sweet girl

Anna G. and her daddy went to the walk-through living Nativity. It was very cold, but they had cookies and hot chocolate. . . mmmmm.
Today was the close of "Amahl and the Night Visitors". I hear we had a special guest attend out show today. . . Patsy Riley!!! How exciting! It feels great to finish a great run and have my evenings with my family back again.
Now, we have a few days to get ready for Anna Grace's "Ya-ya" to come into town, get ready for our Christmas Birthday Luau this Saturday and then Christmas!!!
JOH hasn't had any referrals yet this month. . . I'm hoping for big Christmas referral surprises in the next couple of weeks!
Congratulations to Michelle and Byron Couey (my other Alabama buddies) who just arrived home with their baby girl, Brooke, from Taiwan only yesterday!!
Thanks for reading and following along. . .


Lisa said...

Oh, I love that you guys were able to walk through a living nativity! AG does indeed look very very sweet! Darling coat too, btw! :)
So glad that your shows were successful and fun and now you can wind down or UP? with the birthday bash and the holidays. What a joyful time!
Thanks for the Dec. update! I hope there are some Christmas miracles in the works too for the waiting families!
Lisa C.