Monday, March 2, 2009

A Weekend of Adventure!!!

Well, when there is absolutely no adoption news to post, it is good to know we have other exciting things going on at the White House :-) We had an incredible weekend. Temperatures went from 70 degrees on Friday down to the 20's last night. We had tornado warnings on Friday and 2-3 inches of snow on Sunday morning!!! How about that for a change of climate?

We also had an amazing time Saturday night at the fundraiser gala for the Chidren's Theatre "A Night in Oz" . We took MANY pictures this weekend, but I've condensed some of the best into a couple of mosaics capturing our adventure in Oz and our Winter Wonderland fun. Hope you enjoy!
NOW, let's hope for 4 leaf clovers for March---and that adoption news (aka REFERRALS) will come pouring in!


Debi said...

Hi Kristy!
Looks like an adventuresome weekend! Quite the newsmaking weather you are having there! How cool that the whole family enjoys getting into the "act" together. Anna Grace is just so adorable. I know God has great plans for her.
I wear your bracelet everyday and I continue to pray for God's perfect timing in bringing home your sweet one from Taiwan.
Love and hugs and prayers,

Sarah k said...

I LOVE THE COSTUMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OH MY... so cute!!!!

Lisa said...

Snow must be the exception to the norm and so magical for your sweet girl! Love the Duckie boots too!! Beautiful shots once again and I LOVE that your whole family got into the act for the theater fundraiser! Looks like that was a magical night too!!
:) Hugs!

loffer said...

What great outfits and pictures!!! You guys look like you have such a fun family!

Lora O.

Precious Wonders and Little Monkeys said...

How Darling are you all?~! I also read about your ladybug fun up top... more good fun things are on their way! Cute ladybug though... he had to be an original... maybe he thought that the dots were too feminine and he's a boy! ha ha