Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sweet Distractions. . .

Since there has been no new news on the adoption front in the past week, I have been silent on the blog. There simply has been nothing more to say. When the time is right, the phone will ring and we'll finally see our baby girl's face---in the meantime, patience. . .

So, I'm once again thankful for sweet distractions. I just finished reading all of the Twilight series books, and I'm truly embarrassed to admit how emotionally involved I got with the characters. It's not so much incredible writing, when compared to the classic legends---just great enthralling story telling. And, let me tell you, I was swept. It was fun to touch base with that young love romance part of myself that I haven't experienced in a few years.

Simultaneously, I am working on preparing for Sondheim's Sweeney Todd, that I am cast as the Beggar Woman with Red Mountain Theatre Company. It's been great to be able to sink my teeth into that difficult piece while there is nothing happening with Journeys of the Heart. We begin the actual rehearsal process this week and will put the show on its feet in 3 weeks at the Cabaret Theatre downtown. Chan Harris and Kevin Finn, both from New York, are being brought in to direct the show and music. The cast is superb in every way. It will be an amazing opportunity to work with some of the finest actors around. I'm thrilled!!! The story is a dark one, for sure. But, I've learned a great deal studying the themes and social, political and historical statements the story and musical makes. Each day, I am more excited to tackle it. I'll keep you posted on how it progesses!

Additionally, I finished writing the script for the one woman show of Alice in Wonderland to go into the Birmingham City Schools (30 schools total) as well as the curriculum to accompany it. It was a lot of work, but I loved every minute of it. It stretched me in a whole new way. It builds my resume too. I hope to write more soon!

And, it looks like this summer is going to be very busy as I've been asked to teach theatre workshops at the Children's Theatre and at Red Mountain Theatre Co. That is going to be perfect!! I'm so thankful paid jobs continue to come my way while we wait and scrimp and save for our adoption. God is very good!!!

To top it off, I received a phone call from the production manager at the Birmingham Children's Theatre that they want to cast me in their Christmas production. Once again, a professional paid gig with people I love and admire. . . They are aware that we are awaiting our referral sometime in the next few months and still wanted to offer me the part and will hold it for me until the fall when I will have a better idea of when we will travel to Taiwan. How about that????

So, even though the adoption news is nonexistent currently---and a bit discouraging, I absolutely cannot complain about the wonderful performing and writing opportunities coming my way. I love growing as an actor, vocalist and writer too---and it seems now is my time to do that. So, I absolutely will embrace it!

Thanks for reading, everyone! I will update again soon. I continue to hope that referrals will begin pouring down on our Journeys of the Heart families. Suzy and Victoria have waited entirely too long!!
Have a great upcoming week!