Friday, September 16, 2011


I know that the blog updates have come in a flurry today, but there has been MUCH good news!!! Here's some more!!!
Okay, so since we've been in Beijing, I have not been able to access my primary email until today. When I finally got in, I saw a post from Angela with Ladybugs n' Love that she had new photos and an update on our sweet Mei Li!!! The pics are of her celebrating her homecoming with her friends in the orphanage with the cake we sent her. The smile on her face is priceless as are these photos capturing her moment of celebrating her new family!

Boy oh boy!!! We are ready to scoop this sweet angel up and bring her home! :)


Allison said...

Love these pictures! Her smile is precious.

Melissa said...

She is adorable!!!! It won't be long now!

Shan said...

These photos are such a blessing to receive now! Mei Li is a doll, and I'm really looking forward to Monday!!

The little girl to the left of Mei Li at the table is wearing a dress just like the one the CWI gave Raeanna last year.

My boys didn't like the way "gotcha" sounded either. We now call it Raeannaversary. :)

White's Journey to Taiwan said...

Shan, what a great idea to call it Raeannaversary!!! Mei Liversary sounds like a good idea too! I'll share with Geoff and Anna Grace when they awake. Yes, it is 2 in the a.m. here, and I'm wide awake!!! Of course, I fell asleep at 7 p.m. This time adjustment is craziness :)
OH, BOY. . . we are looking forward to Monday too!! Can't wait to meet her!!! In her update it also said that her leg brace made a wound on her ankle that they are treating. We are eager to see her and check out her injury. I hope it is just a minor cut. We've come equipped with gauze and bandages and Neosporin.

Thanks, Allison and Melissa!!! We are over the moon!! In love with this little girl!

Debi said...

Such adorable pictures! Cant wait to see her in your arms!
Love and hugs and prayers,