Friday, September 9, 2011

Running in Circles!!! Preparation, preparation!!!!

I can't believe that we actually board that big jet on Monday and fly to the other side of the earth!!!! After four years of dreaming and hoping, our little girl is soon to be placed in our arms! She won't be only held in our mind's eye and heart. We will be able to wrap our arms around her. She will be warm. She will laugh. She will cry. (hopefully, she will feel like smiling and laughing when she meets us :)

Up to this point, Mei Li has felt more like a dream to us. A very sweet dream that we pray will recur every night. We imagine her, what she is like. . . much like we do when we think about God and what heaven will be like.
But, that is soon to change for us. After 4 years of living in our hearts and minds, Mei Li is joining our family in the flesh. And, our actual journey begins Monday as we board that plane.

Thank you, Lord! Your promises are sweet and your mercies are new every single day.

We look forward to blogging while we are on our journey! We hope you will follow!!

NOW. . . I'm off!!!! Got to accomplish MUCH today! :)


Anonymous said...

Have an amazing trip! Can't wait to see pictures of your little one in your arms!

Debi said...

Laughing and crying at the same time, if that makes sense!!? :o) So happy and excited for your family!

The Hernandez Herd said...

Amazing news!!!!
Have a safe trip and enjoy your journey of a lifetime.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to follow your journey to China! Happy travels! I'll be praying for you all!
( have daughter in same orphanage you are heading to!)

The Strings said...

We are so excited for your trip! We will be praying for safe travels and an safe return!! Tell AG Hi from Mana!

White's Journey to Taiwan said...

Thanks, everyone, for the sweet wishes!!! We are beyond excited. I'm lying here knowing I need to sleep b4 that flight tomorrow, and I just can't settle my mind down. SO ready to meet our little girl! Tammy, you give Mana a big hug from AG. She misses her. :). Hope Disney was incredible!!!

Allison said...

So excited to follow along on your journey. our daughter is waiting for us in the Shanghai orphanage too! I hope you get to visit...maybe you'll get a glimpse of my sweet baby girl. Good luck and safe travels!

White's Journey to Taiwan said...

Allison, we are supposed to visit and I intend to take pics!!! :). I'll post!!! How old is your sweet little one?

Allison said...

She will be 3-years-old in December so she is in the toddler room. Her name is Zheng Shaodi (dob 12/20/08) on the off chance that you visit that room.
I'm giddy with anticipation about seeing your "gotcha" day pics and hearing details!