Sunday, October 9, 2011

Some Pics from our last few days in Hong Kong

Mei Li and Mama's Starbucks cup
Just the two of us (for a second!! ;)--after awaking at 4:45 a.m.
Sisters!! Coffee and fay-gee-luhs!
No, she's not a "ham" at all! ;)
Top of Victoria's Peak--not such a pretty day.
View from the top of Victoria's Peak (with a typhoon off the coast)
All smiles and ready to ride the ferry
The ferry to take us across Hong Kong Harbor
AG and her LIV dolls--posed for action on the train ride to Hong Kong!
Glimpses out the train window
Mommy and queasy Mei Li (and coy little AG!! ;)
View from the train window
Interesting house we saw on the way to Hong Kong
Just us girls, "hangin'" on the train!
No words. . . :)
Sisters hanging out, watching Tom and Jerry
Mei Li is loving her big sis!!

AG "sleeping" and Mei Li??? Pretending ;)

Sunday Morning (6 days home), drinking coffee, reading the paper, and hanging out with daddy while mama cooks some breakfast. . . or as Mei Li calls it (Chir-fan-fan)

Life is. . . . GOOD!! :)

Tomorrow will mark "1 week HOME with Mei Li", and she is doing absolutely beautifully!! This little trooper has had so much "new" thrown at her this week, and she has taken everything in stride. I can't get over how we "fit" one another so perfectly. She is happy and full of spice---this little one loves being the center of attention. She enjoys meeting people and putting on a show. She loves food!!! and has tried American, Italian and Mexican!! She is willing to give everything a try, although her favorite is Chinese, go figure!! ;) And, day by day, it is becoming very clear that Mei Li LOVES music!!! She enjoys singing, dancing to music. . . and today we made our first introduction of church to Mei Li. I took her down to the choir room to meet our music minister, and the first thing she saw was the piano!! She pointed and asked daddy to take her to it. She sat on the bench and began to play notes. She didn't bang the keys. She played them. She sat there playing until we told her it was time to go!! God surely is the Master Planner---and pairing us with Mei Li is no exception. I can't wait to see what Mei Li grows to become. She is such a magnificent little girl.
So many times, people look at Geoff and me and tell us that Mei Li is "a lucky little girl". Well, I have to say, in all honesty, we count ourselves "lucky" to have her be a part of our lives. She has already blessed our family in ways words don't adequately express. :)
Tomorrow is a big day for Miss Mei Li (and mommy!!). We go to the orthopedic surgeon to have her situation with her foot assessed. Surgery? No surgery? Casting? We will find out tomorrow. I'm so happy this little girl "rolls with the punches" as well as she does. It is a survival skill that has brought her a very long way. But, the next few months may test her skill in that department if we have surgeries in store. The bottom line, though. . . we want to correct her little foot and address what needs to be done to her spine to allow her the freedom to enjoy her life to the fullest. And, "enjoying life" is something our Mei Li does very well!! :)

As of the last two nights, Mei Li and her big sister, Anna Grace have slept upstairs in the big girl bed. Mei Li made it very clear to Geoff and me yesterday morning that she did NOT like her crib, (and as a result did not like her room ;). So, we took the crib apart and brought the "big girl bed" in to her room. She now loves her room, and is sleeping there for naps and night time with her sister. I, as a result, have had two nights of sleeping through the night! Just perfect!!

Geoff uploaded some new pics from Hong Kong. I hope you enjoy! And, I have some funny videos of our girl coming soon!!