Sunday, January 15, 2012

Some Pretty Big Blessings!

Anna Grace at her Baptism!

My sweet girls enjoying some push-pop fun at Chuy's!

Baby girl finds a "cherry treasure!!"

The awe and wonder in Mei Li's eyes over this push pop!!
She looks like she's waiting for it to explode!

A little elbow grease always gets the job done!
Not gonna let a little push pop get the best of her!!

Baby girl loves her some hard-boiled eggs! Yum!

Getting her daily leg stretches with Daddy and Minnie Mouse :)

And, of course, Minnie must get in on the exercise too!

This has already started out to be an amazing week! Today, my Anna Grace got baptized at our church! I am so happy she made the decision to share her commitment to the Lord with the church. Her Mama B, Uncle Scott, Aunt Emmalie, cousins Ramsey and Bryant, our friend, Heather, and of course, Mom, Dad and Mei Li were all there along with the entire 10:45 service to celebrate with her! It was a wonderful moment!

To top this off, there are a few more BIG things happening this week! Thursday is our appointment with the neurosurgeon to discuss Mei Li's upcoming surgery that will take place on the 31st of this month. He will review Mei Li's MRI film and discuss his game plan with us for surgery. I will certainly update as soon as we learn news from this consult.

Friday. . . DRUM ROLL. . . is our Mei Li's 5th birthday!!!! It's wonderful to know that Mei Li will have her first birthday celebration with her family in her new homeland! I asked her if she ever had a birthday party in China. She said, "No". So, this week, we will have a small birthday celebration for our sweet girl. Mama is still working on an idea, and we'll see how it turns out. Mei Li wants to swim more than anything. She begs me all the time to take her swimming. When we were in China at the hotel, she had to miss out on swimming because of the terrible pressure ulcer on her foot. Big sis got the chance to go when Mei Li went down for her naps, but she always would awaken to find big sis gone swimming. She has never been swimming before and this is her big wish. So, I've been on the phone with a local hotel to see if we can arrange a little swimming party for her. Whatever turns out, I'll have some pics later this week of Mei Li's 5th birthday to share!!

Saturday is a benefit concert at the Trussville Civic Center that I've been asked to sing in with some other area artists. It is for a great cause and I'm honored to be a part of it! The event is to raise funds for a facility that will provide recreation and social activities for adults with disabilities. It's called Independence Place. As a mom to a little girl with disabilities, this is something close to my heart. I hope it will be a success and bring the necessary funds to get this wonderful facility off and running!! So proud of my city for providing something like this for our community!
I am praying for a little Divine intervention, however. I've noticed a bit of hoarseness over the past few months, even though I've not been performing much at all since coming home with Mei Li. I went in to the ENT on Friday to get it checked before this upcoming benefit concert. He scoped me and took some pics of my vocal chords. It showed that I have acid reflux and inflammation of my vocal chords. So, I'm on vocal rest this week, taking prednisone t0 reduce the inflammation and Prilosec twice a day to reduce the acid and lots and lots of water. I'm bummed that I have this going on and it's left me in less than stellar voice. . . but I'm so very thankful that we discovered the problem before permanent damage occurred. Hoping a week with some vocal rest and meds will help along with a little touch from above .

Another great bit of news to follow-up on my last post. Anna Grace went in to the "Alice in Wonderland" audition at Birmingham Children's Theatre a week ago. We got the call at the first of the week that she was selected for the role of ALICE!!!! She is absolutely over the moon! She has already memorized the first 10 pages of the script, and I'm enjoying watching her take this opportunity and blossom. This part came at such a critical time. Anna Grace has been such a fantastic big sis to Mei Li, but she has had to take a back seat a great deal during the last months while we've been prioritizing Mei Li's surgeries and medical visits. . . and acclimating her to her new family and home. As patient and loving as she has been, I know it gets tough sometimes. And, she has been needing something of "her own" to challenge and grow her. The call from BCT that AG was selected was a gift from God, for sure! She needed that shot in the arm, and the timing couldn't have been more perfect! So, if you find yourself in the Birmingham area in April, come out and see Anna Grace in "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" at Birmingham Children's Theatre! Yay, Anna Grace!!

So many good things, it's hard to keep it all straight! But, thanks for following and I'll certainly keep updating!


Debi said...

WOW!!!! What an AMAZING week! Mei Li's push pop photo still totally cracks me up!
Awesome work with the leg streches, a time to bond and buils trust and hopefully have a little fun!
CONGRATULATIONS to Anna Grace on her baptism! Such a special occasion! So happy for her that she got the lead role. She will be a FANTASTIC Alice!
Prayers for Mei Li's upcoming appointments and surgery.
I'm sure whatever works out for Mei Li's birthday, she will love it but special prayers that she will get her swim party!
Love and hugs and prayers!

White's Journey to Taiwan said...

Thank you, Debi!!!! You are an angel!!! And, I love reading your posts about horseback riding :) Always great to hear from you!