Monday, February 27, 2012

Patching our lives together. . . The new normal. . .

It's been a few weeks since I've blogged, and I apologize for keeping people hanging. Since Mei Li's spinal surgery on January 30th, she is doing absolutely beautifully! We couldn't have hoped for a better outcome. And, Mei Li, as is always Mei Li's style, took the surgery and recovery period on her back in great stride and with an amazingly positive and cooperative attitude. As a result of her cooperation and lying still for those 10 days, her back healed beautifully. And, a couple of weeks ago, we visited Dr. Blount with our follow-up. He was thrilled with her progress and gave Mei Li the "all clear" for normal activity. Now, I'm a bit overly-protective. And, honestly the very thought of Dr. Blount having to remove a piece of her spine during that surgery is all I need to closely monitor every activity Mei Li does. . . at least for a little while. I cringe at the thought of her hurting her spine. So, her "normal activities" have been closely guarded at least for a little longer. Ha!! Until mom is feeling more confident that Mei Li is not fragile.

In the meantime, we have been getting outside a little every day. The recovery period was hard on everyone. . . cooped-up inside the house. The walls begin to close-in around you after a few days. So, as soon as we got the "all clear" from Dr. Blount, we get outside and take walks, we've visited the zoo. . . just about anything to get out and see the sunshine. That feels mighty good!

And, it feels great to know that there are no more surgeries on the near horizon (and hopefully none down the road)!!! We've spent the last 5 months in the medical/surgery phase, and settling in with our new daughter as a family of 4. Now, we are moving into a therapy phase to get her legs and ankles strengthened to improve her gait.

Now that we are leaving the surgeries behind, we are evolving into a little more "normal" phase of our new family. How much fun will it be to take Mei Li swimming this summer and maybe even to the beach for her first time ever? It will be incredible to step into a new time of living and embracing our lives together. . . experiencing new things.

Another exciting piece that is being added into our lives is my writing. I am currently writing a book of our adoption and journey of faith to Mei Li and the miracles that came about as a result. I hope to have it completed in the next few months. And, then, to find an agent. . . I will keep you posted on the book developments.

The one thing I've missed the most during the last 5 months is singing. I've done very little of that, and although every moment with my girls has been precious and well-spent, I am so very happy to have some opportunities to sing again! It feels like "coming home" after being away for a long time. So, I have some gigs coming up in the months of April and May, and I couldn't be more thrilled to get back in the saddle! I'll keep you posted on my music as well!

The past month, Anna Grace has been working hard memorizing her Alice in Wonderland script. She has 2/3 of the script learned and is doing an amazing job! I can't wait to see her blossom in the role of Alice once she begins rehearsing later in March. If you live in the Birmingham area, I hope you will make a point to come out to see her at Birmingham Children's Theatre in April! And that's not all Anna Grace has been "up to"! She has also joined with her cousin Ramsey (age 7) and friend, Cheslee (age 8), and they have created a singing trio called the Chicklets! They have performed a couple of times already and won 1st place in Talladega's Relay for Life Fundraiser talent show this past weekend. So proud of her!

So, life is settling in and we are moving forward as a family with two wonderful daughters! And, Mei Li can move forward and embrace the rest of her life with a corrected foot and an untethered spine!! She is not facing paralysis or incontinence! Just a happy healthy future with her family who loves her.

So thankful for this next stage of our family's journey! Embracing every moment. . .