Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Just One Miracle. . . Of Many Miracles

Our journey to Mei Li has brought along with it so many instances of seeing God's hand work in miraculous ways. These instances began over four years ago and have come in a steady stream ever since. It always takes my breath away when God shows up and does something at the perfect time and in the perfect way. And, because these miracles have been so numerous and so incredible, I've actually begun writing a book of our journey to China and God's call on our family. I hope to finish writing it this year!

But, I thought I'd share "one" of these miracles with you. It just happened a few weeks ago, and it's pretty incredible.

Most people don't have a concept of what the financial cost of an adoption is unless they are going through the process or have a friend going through the process. At least, I know I didn't have any concept before we began our own journey. But, the cost of the adoption process, including travel to your child's country, is substantial. And, unfortunately, it is a barrier for many "would-be" parents and keeps them from being able to adopt at all. That truly breaks my heart because there are SO many children who desperately need families. And, cost of the process should "not" be a deal-breaker for these children or for the men and women who wish to become parents to these children.

We have successfully made it through "the process", and we are so thankful to be home with our precious little girl. . . she is such a gift to our family! But, we will be chipping away at the debt for many years to come. It's just the fact of the matter. But, since we have come home, we have had many medical visits, and two major surgeries. And, thankfully, Geoff has insurance through his job, so the bulk of the medical fees are covered. But, even so, those co-pays and deductibles have been adding up fast! A few weeks ago, I stopped by Children's Hospital to find out what we owed, what was still outstanding and what was pending insurance approval. . . and the figures added up to $1000 give or take. And, I know when compared to what it would have cost without insurance, $1000 is not so bad. . . but, when you add that on top of what already exists. . . we just breathed deeply and said, "Okay, Lord. . . we're going to just add it to the mountain and pay as we can. Just keep chipping away at it. A little bit at a time." I mean, that "is" how you eat an elephant, isn't it? One bite at a time?? But, there is this uneasy pit that sits in the stomach when you know that the mountain is growing and not shrinking. I remember the verse in Matthew that tells us "to be anxious in nothing. . . but in everything, through prayer and supplication, let your requests be known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ, Jesus." I keep reminding myself. . . "Be anxious in nothing. . . "
Within a couple of days of finding out the news that we owed $1000 in medical bills. . . and that was before the spinal cord surgery just last week....Geoff and I were at church that next Sunday morning. Geoff ran into a good friend of ours who also has just recently completed their adoption. And, this friend told Geoff that he and his wife had been so blessed to have their entire adoption paid off. The funds came through for them and that they even found themselves having "more" than they needed. So, they were feeling led to use that "excess" to help some other families who were going through the adoption process. One of the families they felt led to help was our family. Mind you, they knew nothing of our bill "update" from Children's last week, and they had no idea of the amount we owed. We had told no one. So. . . he told Geoff, "My wife and I would like to give your family $1000 to help you in whatever way you see most fit to cover costs of your adoption process.". . . .

I know the world is full of critics who would chalk that up to coincidence. But, not me. . . I know where it came from. It was exactly the amount we needed at that very moment to cover the medical bills Mei Li's visits had incurred since coming home.. . up to that very moment, not to mention it was within a couple of days of our learning the balance of our outstanding debt. God's timing is perfect! And, He always shows up "in the nick of time" and cares for His children. To us, this is an inarguable and reaffirming fact.

Yet another beautiful example of God's faithfulness. . . delivered through a wonderful couple who listened to God's voice and became His instruments to bless someone else.

Thank you, Lord, for your providence and blessing. Thank you, for the beautiful people you have placed in our lives whom you have used as your instruments to answer the prayers and meet the needs of others. Thank you for speaking to your children who may hear your voice, if we will only listen. And, thank you for equipping us to do everything you call us to do because if we have your vision, you make provision. Thank you, Heavenly Father, for your faithfulness.

I am thrilled to share this story with you and I hope it offers you encouragement. As always, thank you for following along! Have a wonderful rest of your week.