Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Just One of those Days. . .

Well, friends. . . I believe I am being seriously tested. In fact, Geoff and I both are being tested, but yesterday was a little more personal. Sit back and be ready to be amused and a little grossed-out.

Louie (culprit #1)
Milo (culprit #2)

I decided to take a day to rest on the couch under a blanket yesterday (after I got my daughter off to school) as I am battling a nasty head and chest cold. The rest of this week, I have 9 and 12 hour rehearsal days for 2 shows I'm currently working on through Sunday. So, yesterday was my only chance for a "down day". I planned to take full advantage of it.

WELLLL. . . Once my daughter was off to school, I let all the animals out for a potty break before I snuggled down under a blanket for a few hours. Louie, my little dachshund, doesn't do rain----and it was raining out. So, when he asks to be let back in, I see he has left me a present directly beside the door mat on the back porch. I exclaim, "Louie!!!" and go to get tissue to clean up his present. On the way to flush the "present", I hear the unmistakable washing machine sound of an animal about to toss its cookies. I frantically follow the sound and find my cat sitting under my bed throwing up his breakfast (which he had just eaten 15 minutes prior)---and right next to my brand new suede shoes!!!! "MILO!!!!", I exclaim. And, I rush back to the bathroom to grab more tissue to clean up Milo's "present" and to inspect my shoes (thankfully they escaped by only a millimeter or so). I am carrying handfuls of cat vomit to the toilet to add to Louie's "present", my eyes watering, and holding back my own gag reflex (I don't do throw up very well)--flush, wash my hands thoroughly and stumble back to the couch DARING anyone mess with me again.

Later that morning, nature calls and I run to the restroom. I flush. Strange sound. Not the normal "flush" sound. So, I lift the lid to see what the problem is------the toilet is clogged and the water is all the way to the brim of the commode. There is not even enough space to put a plunger down in it without sending waves of dirty toilet water with Louie poop, cat barf and tinkle over the sides and onto the floor. So, I work to dislodge the obstruction and thankfully perform a successful toilet surgery. Then, I have to clean the floor and then Lysol everything heavily---and wash my hands thoroughly AGAIN!!!

It seems the day had a recurring theme. . . . I'll let you fill in that blank.

Then, later yesterday afternoon, my husband arrived home from work and checked the mail to find a letter from Shaohannah's Hope (whom we applied for an adoption grant with). It was a sweetly worded rejection letter sent with blessings and fair wishes. They do a great service for many adoptive families. Unfortunately, our family will not be one of them.

I then check my email, and a message is in my inbox from Journeys of the Heart stating that there is a $2000 increase in the fees that will be applied to all adoptions in our program.

I don't even know what to say at this point. The events of yesterday pretty much speak for themselves. I just can't decide if "someone" is trying to tell me something. How about that for an interesting day??


loffer said...

I shared your story with my family yesterday after you posted to the forums and we got a good chuckle over it. I know that even though I adore my own dog and cat, there are times like that when I wonder why in the world I even own pets!

Surely the floodgates will open and there will be great news flowing in by then end of the week.

Hang in there!,

Lora O.

Debi said...

Hi Kristy and Geoff,
Sounds like a challenging time. It is always a battle when you are dealing with the hearts and lives of little ones. And so we stand and contend with God on our side. I pray that God would give you wisdom and direction for timing, agencies and grants and strength for this season. Stay focused on God's agenda for each day and trust Him to provide what you need when you need it.
Still believing God with you,
Love and hugs and prayers,

The Hernandez Herd said...

Kristy, Hang in there . Yes we all have those days when it looks so grim. Good days will come . I promise. Victoria JOH

Sarah k said...

OH HON!!! I am so sorry. THAT IS a horrible day! There was definitely an unsavory theme going on there. Oh gees! I am so sorry! And I hate the upping of the fees by the agencies. THAT is just wrong! They make WAY TOO MUCH already and they know it! I digress though! Anyways, hang in there. There are other grants available!

Sarah k

dan and rachel said...

wow, i feel for ya, sista! that is one ROUGH day!

hang in there!