Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's Been a While. . .

I haven't posted in some time because there has been absolutely nothing to report on the adoption front. Journeys of the Heart seems to be stuck in a desert wasteland currently with no referral news at all. Of course, even though we are 10th on the list, any news is great news. Each referral brings us one step closer to our baby girl. So, we still eagerly await good news for our waiting families. Those at the top of the wait list are experiencing a pretty excruciating wait. They've been watching the phone daily since the end of November full of hope---but each passing day another disappointment. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

The GOOD news is, thankfully, I am very busy, right now. I am blessed to be able to do the thing I love the most and that is theatre. I have the wonderful opportunity to be on both sides of the stage, currently. I'm in a fabulous production of George Washington Carver (celebrating the life and accomplishments of that fine man), and I am having the great opportunity to serve as an instructor with the Youth Program of a local professional performing arts group----ABSOLUTELY amazingly talented kids. That allows me to tap back into my "teacher" mode. I haven't taught since my daughter was born 6 years ago. So, working with these kids---singing and dancing---what more could I want??? :-) And, thirdly, I have been commissioned to write a show to go into the schools for "Alice in Wonderland". I have to write the curriculum and the one-woman show. Very challenging (especially the show part), but I am LOVING it!! This work is challenging me to grow in the areas I love the most---and very importantly---it is taking my mind off of the SLOW period in this adoption journey. I'm thankful for that. Otherwise, I'm the type of person who would sit at my email hitting "refresh" over and over hoping for good news to be posted.
I believe in God's timing. And, right now must be the time for me to work and grow in other areas. I will embrace this time to grow while I wait for our daughter to come home.
I'll keep you posted as new news develops. Have a great week.


Debi said...

Hi Kristy,
Thanks for the update. It sounds like you have some fantastic opportunities before you! The waiting times can be so hard. My thaoughts and prayers are for you and each of these families waiting with expectant hearts and arms that refuse to give up.
I think that you are right where God planned for you to be right now- living in the here and now and persuing the passions that He put in your heart and trusting Him to grant the desires of your heart in His time and way. God loves you and that sweet baby girl and is holding and protecting you in the palm of His hand. Let His peace rule in your heart and be thankful.
Love and hugs and prayers,

Anonymous said...

COUSIN! I have given you an award at come on over and get it!!!

I'm excited to hear all you are into and how God is keeping you busy and active while you wait. I am so proud we're related!

Lisa said...

Hey Kristy!

How amazing that you have this ability to explore all of these new avenues and exercise your passion for theater and teaching. How blessed those productions and your students are to share in your time and talents!

But what is even more amazing is your deep faith and belief that the timing is purposeful and meaningful. Your trust in HIM is unshakable, even when I know the waiting gets long and hard. You possess a strong and beautiful spirit.

Loved this update and I always look foward to them!

Can't wait to read about all the upcoming show successes AND of course hoping there is much good news arriving for waiting families next week!
Lisa C.

Sarah k said...

That sounds like a blast!!!! I am teaching our youth drama team at church and they never cease to amaze me. Matter of fact, we have revival coming Sunday night and I was on the hunt for mics!!! Yep, wireless mics. They will be here tomorrow and the kids are so excited.

Anyways, back to you! That sounds like a great diversion hon. I hope that you get some news sooner than you think and that we can celebrate with you soon! I am whacking tinkerbell over your site as I type!!!! Come on tink.. drop the dust chick!!!! Speedy thoughts to you!!

Sarah k