Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Just One of those Days. . .

Well, friends. . . I believe I am being seriously tested. In fact, Geoff and I both are being tested, but yesterday was a little more personal. Sit back and be ready to be amused and a little grossed-out.

Louie (culprit #1)
Milo (culprit #2)

I decided to take a day to rest on the couch under a blanket yesterday (after I got my daughter off to school) as I am battling a nasty head and chest cold. The rest of this week, I have 9 and 12 hour rehearsal days for 2 shows I'm currently working on through Sunday. So, yesterday was my only chance for a "down day". I planned to take full advantage of it.

WELLLL. . . Once my daughter was off to school, I let all the animals out for a potty break before I snuggled down under a blanket for a few hours. Louie, my little dachshund, doesn't do rain----and it was raining out. So, when he asks to be let back in, I see he has left me a present directly beside the door mat on the back porch. I exclaim, "Louie!!!" and go to get tissue to clean up his present. On the way to flush the "present", I hear the unmistakable washing machine sound of an animal about to toss its cookies. I frantically follow the sound and find my cat sitting under my bed throwing up his breakfast (which he had just eaten 15 minutes prior)---and right next to my brand new suede shoes!!!! "MILO!!!!", I exclaim. And, I rush back to the bathroom to grab more tissue to clean up Milo's "present" and to inspect my shoes (thankfully they escaped by only a millimeter or so). I am carrying handfuls of cat vomit to the toilet to add to Louie's "present", my eyes watering, and holding back my own gag reflex (I don't do throw up very well)--flush, wash my hands thoroughly and stumble back to the couch DARING anyone mess with me again.

Later that morning, nature calls and I run to the restroom. I flush. Strange sound. Not the normal "flush" sound. So, I lift the lid to see what the problem is------the toilet is clogged and the water is all the way to the brim of the commode. There is not even enough space to put a plunger down in it without sending waves of dirty toilet water with Louie poop, cat barf and tinkle over the sides and onto the floor. So, I work to dislodge the obstruction and thankfully perform a successful toilet surgery. Then, I have to clean the floor and then Lysol everything heavily---and wash my hands thoroughly AGAIN!!!

It seems the day had a recurring theme. . . . I'll let you fill in that blank.

Then, later yesterday afternoon, my husband arrived home from work and checked the mail to find a letter from Shaohannah's Hope (whom we applied for an adoption grant with). It was a sweetly worded rejection letter sent with blessings and fair wishes. They do a great service for many adoptive families. Unfortunately, our family will not be one of them.

I then check my email, and a message is in my inbox from Journeys of the Heart stating that there is a $2000 increase in the fees that will be applied to all adoptions in our program.

I don't even know what to say at this point. The events of yesterday pretty much speak for themselves. I just can't decide if "someone" is trying to tell me something. How about that for an interesting day??