Thursday, December 29, 2011

Call from Dr. Blount came today

Well, after 10 days of waiting on Mei Li's MRI results, we got a phone call from Dr. Blount. Yay!! It was a relief to hear his voice on the phone this morning. This is the low-down.

After reviewing Mei Li's MRI, he says that it is exactly what he expected. She has a large lipoma on her spine and it has a substantial risk of causing tethering of her spinal chord as she grows. He says that "tethering" is nothing that is going to happen in the next hour or the next week. . but, as she "is" growing every day, we do not need to "sit" on this and let the grass grow, either. He is glad we already had the urodynamics test done on Mei Li (which we did just yesterday). He said that waiting for the urodynamics test is usually the thing that slows down the surgery process. It was "DONE" yesterday!!! So, there is nothing standing in the way of him being able to perform surgery as soon as he can get it put on his calendar.

He told me that Geoff and I will both need to come in to meet with him before he performs any surgery so he can review the film of Mei Li's MRI with us, discuss surgery, explain the risks. . . and get on the same page with a game plan. We are to hear from his nurse by the end of next week to get some dates on the calendar. He is backlogged on cases from December due to some academia he had to pursue. And, he is going out on holiday tomorrow to return next week. He is anticipating Mei Li's surgery to happen sometime around the end of February.

I asked what this surgery would look like (as far as how long Mei Li will take to recover). He said that the surgery will take several hours, she will be in the hospital for 3-4 days (unlike his colleagues who keep them in for 7-10 days). He usually tries to keep them in the hospital a shorter time and then let them recover at home where we will need to keep her "as still and on her back" as possible for about another week after she is sent home from the hospital. She will then come back into the clinic for a follow-up. The soft tissue will take 4-6 weeks to heal. . . then, normal activity!!!! Mei Li could essentially be ready for normal activity by the spring!!!!

I look forward to getting these dates on the calendar and getting Mei Li's life-changing surgery done. . . so she can start embracing her new life and claim her "new future" as opposed to what lay before her in China!!! Thank you, Lord!!!

OH. . . and about Mei Li's urodynamics test, yesterday. It was not completely normal, as there were some abnormal bladder contractions early on in the test due to abnormal nerve activity. But, it didn't interfere with her ability to control her bladder, at all. Dr. Joseph was very pleased, overall, with her function. It was a traumatic test for Mei Li. It hurt and she was wide awake for it. She had to be awake in order to be able to respond to the fluid being pumped into her bladder. Thankfully, I was able to be with her and hold her hand. And, her Mama B was in the room too, and that was a comfort to Mei Li as well. And, the sweet nurse blew bubbles and Mei Li loved trying to catch them. That worked for a while, until her bladder got so full of the contrast solution that she couldn't focus on the "fun" anymore. Then, there were some pretty major tears. But, mommy was there to wipe them, and then the test was over. Bless her sweet heart. With her eyes and lips swollen from crying so hard, and as I was dressing her after the test, Mei Li told Dr. Joseph, "Bye bye and thank you." We are so thankful that is behind us. . . especially now that Dr. Blount is wanting to do surgery by the end of February.

I will keep you all posted on the details as we learn more!


Sharon said...

So thankful Mei Li will have her surgery soon and that she is HERE to have it with her mama and daddy and sister by her side to care for her.

What a blessing she is!

Day TA. Keep praying for us, Kristy!