Monday, December 26, 2011

Magical Christmas Moments 2011 :)

Some magical moments this Christmas. . . in pictures! Merry Christmas, everyone!! :)

Angel in candlelight

Silent Night, Holy Night. . .

Sweet girl

Christmas Eve Candlelight service with Mama B.
Candlelit angel

Snuggles with Mama B

Childhood innocence. . .
Hope. . .

Enjoying this most magical and blessed Christmas with my family
Anxiously awaiting the moment they can open their "first" present of Christmas!!
Oh my goodness!!! It's an American Girl box!!!!!! :D

Enthusiasm uncontained!!! ;-)

I absolutely LOVE this sweet face!

Cousin Ramsey. . . "OH BOY, OH BOY!!! :)

Sweet expression of "This is JUST what I wished for!!!"

My lovely Anna Grace and her first sewing machine!! This girl is going to sew some doll clothes!! :)

Bryant is excited about his dinosaur fossil toy!!

Hey!!!! She looks like ME!!!! :D

Sweet Bryant is overcome with excitement!!

Cutie-patootie on her new little scooter!! :)

AG checking out the treasure in her stocking. . .and Milo (the cat) wants to know if any of it is for him. ;)

A trike to build up Mei Li's leg muscles! AND, it has a basket to hold all of her goodies!! :)

AG got her BIG wish!!!

AG is overcome with "WOW!!!" Dooley??? Not so much ;)

A "Wah wah" for Mei Li

Check out those pretty finger nails!!! :)