Friday, January 27, 2012

T Minus 2 and counting. . .

Mei Li's amazement watching the circus!!

We just got the call this morning that Mei Li's spinal surgery is a "first-start" on Monday morning. We are to check in to the hospital at 5:30 a.m. and surgery is scheduled for 7:15. She is expected to be in the hospital for 3-4 days; and, if all goes as planned, home on her back for 10 days.

The 4 areas of concern regarding the surgery are 1. leaking of spinal fluid 2. incontinence
3. infection 4. potential paralysis
Please keep our sweet girl in your prayers. And, we ask that you pray, specifically, for these things. . . And, of course, that Dr. Blount will be able to accomplish his goal of detaching the tumor from her spinal chord.

BUT, "today" we had fun!! We went to the circus! It was Mei Li's first circus experience, and we had ringside seats!! Thanks to our sweet friends Tammy and Lamana for inviting us to join them! It was an amazing show, and Mei Li was wide-eyed, open-mouthed . . . with occasional squeals throughout! However, she is very sensitive to loud noises, and the noise level was incredible. So, about an hour into the show, I had to take Mei Li out due to her not feeling well. Anna Grace stayed with our friends and enjoyed the whole show, while I took Mei Li next door to Birmingham Children's Theatre and visited with all of our good friends there. A Coke (which Mei Li calls Kuhla) and some crackers and lots of attention from our friends at BCT, and Mei Li was feeling fine in no time!!

We're gearing up for Monday, and Geoff's Mom ,"Yaya", is flying in on Sunday to help out for the next two weeks. I am so very thankful that she is coming to lend a hand! And, the girls are ecstatic that they are going to get some much-needed Yaya time!

I'll keep everyone posted on Mei Li's progress on Monday. And, as always, thanks for your prayers and for continuing to follow our journey.