Thursday, September 29, 2011

Consulate Appointment and Guangzhou zoo!

Well, today was a big day for Mei Li. . . and all of us! We went to the American Consulate this morning and applied for Mei Li's visa. We took our oath and now we should have her visa in our hands by tomorrow afternoon!! She will officially be an American Citizen!!! Hallelujah!!! And, that also means we are also coming home soon!!! Mei Li. . . to her new homeland and family!! :)
God's hand has been amazing and hard at work during this journey. So thankful that He brought us together. He loves all of His children. But, He has a special love for His little ones who are fatherless and motherless. We are thankful our Mei Li will be fatherless and motherless NO MORE!!! :) And, we are doubly thankful that WE are fortunate enough to be her father and mother.

In other news, we had a fun time at the Guangzhou Zoo yesterday with our group! Our agency has set us up with a China adoption liason and guide who are absolutely unbelievable. They walk us step by step through everything. And, they line up our agenda every day. We just show up in the lobby, and they take us to where we are scheduled to go. And, the other families in our group? They are super nice, and we've gotten to know many of them quite well. I have felt very safe and "taken-care-of" this entire trip. I'm thankful to Lifeline for doing such an amazing job on the China side of the adoption!!! So, here are a few memories from the Guangzhou Zoo!! :0)

The guide told us "no cold drinks" for Mei Li. Mei Li says, "Boo shir" to that!!! She wants to be Coke's new spokesperson!!! :) LOVES her icy cold "Kuhla"!!!
Monkey business
Panda Bath! This girl knows how to relax :)
Raspberry for us.
Staying cool in the shade
Mei Li spots the elephant!!
Anna Grace, zookeeper in the making!
AG feeding the giraffe. Get a load of that tongue!!
Mei Li getting ready to feed the giraffe
I believe this girl is a future veterinarian. She LOVES animals!
Hungry giraffes
Mei Li trying to determine if this "zoo thing" is good with her.