Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Pearl River Cruise in pictures

Last night, we had a wonderful time on the Pearl River Cruise. I had no idea how beautiful it would be. We almost considered skipping it!!! I'm so glad we didn't!!! It is one of my favorite memories!! Not the best food on the trip. . . but the view was worth it!! If you get the chance, be sure to go!! I do understand that not all boats are equal on this cruise, but we lucked up!! We got one that had a tremendous view, inside and out! One thing has become abundantly clear to me during this trip and on the cruise. . . the Chinese love to do spectacular things with with light!! What a treat for the eyes! Take a look!

Mei Li loved the noodles with green veggie. . . Kelp???
The Chinese know how to make an ordinary bridge beautiful. Bathe it in light!! That alternates in color!
Amazing open-air amphitheater
Another lit boat on the river

Enjoying the top deck! Mei Li? Not so much. She just tolerated it.
We call this the Star Trek bridge
One of many lit towers. The lights were constantly changing!! It was so beautiful to watch.
Guangzhou from the river
Massive screens at the amphitheater
Just look!!!
Look again!!!! :)
Love this photo!!!
Mei Li was happy when listening to mama's album on the iPhone. That kept her happy the whole cruise. So happy she loves my music!!!
AG and me :)


Brawnica said...

Beautiful pictures. You have a lot that would be beautiful framed. Glad you are having a wonderful time!!!

Rose Cooley