Monday, September 26, 2011

One Week with Mei Li-and Happy Times in Guangzhou

Beautiful Girls!

The Garden Hotel

Carved gold ceiling in our hotel. This pic doesn't do it justice.
Staircase at The Garden Hotel

The girls
One of my faves :)

If only there were sound effects! Haha! Mei Li LOVES her Coke!!! She drinks and says, "AHHHHHH"
AG stealing Mom's Grande American lemon iced tea at Lucy's!
I took Mei Li to the potty and came back to find my tea GONE! :)
Oh, does Mei Li ever LOVE her "Baba"!!

Shamian Island
New shoes for Mei Li!

Mei Li in her full glory :)
"Big Sis" Anna Grace
Both of our China Princesses (Mei Li is hot and "over" the photo shoot ;)
Well, we have now passed the 1 week mark since Mei Li officially joined our family. She loves us and we love her. She is an amazing little person, and truly is a perfect fit for our family. And, I believe that we are also the perfect fit for her :) She has experienced a lifetime of new things in the past week, after spending the last 4 years inside orphanage walls. It's amazing how open she is to trying new things---and how happy she is almost all the time. I think we all could learn a lesson about life from Mei Li!! She is quite the charmer, and wins people over instantly with her electric personality.

That same dynamic personality can become quite explosive, at times, when things don't go her way. We are having to teach her boundaries--and she is not always as open to that. Her little fighting spirit (which has kept her so strong for all these years alone) also tends to butt heads with mom and dad when the answer is "no". :) I am confident that will get easier as the days go by.

We had a wonderful time on Shamian Island! We finished up some shopping, and Mei Li got some new squeaky shoes (the squeaks are removable, thankfully ;). She is SO proud of them. And, it seems her foot doesn't turn under as much when she wears them. She got a beautiful silk dress, too! And, Anna Grace got a gorgeous Asian doll. This is one that sits on a shelf as a momento. . . not a play toy. She is proud of her doll! She also got some beautiful silk slippers and a silk dress.

Mei Li and daddy are rolling in the floor laughing and playing right now!! Great bonding time. :) She LOVES her "Baba"!! She gets highly upset when he steps out of the room. I dread the day he goes to work. I have a feeling it's going to be bumpy for a while until she gets used to him leaving each day.

Anna Grace is such a big girl, and is helping so much with her sister! I am so proud of my sweet AG!! She adores her sister, and has grown up quite a bit in the last few days. Mei Li is still warming up to AG. Sometimes she is really receptive and warm. Sometimes not so much. But, AG is being so understanding. I am incredibly proud of her.

So, our family of 4 is coming along vey nicely :) We are learning and growing every day. Tomorrow is a new day, and we'll continue to gel as a family. I'm eager to get back home. It's been an amazing journey; but at the end of the day, there is truly no place like home. We have one week left. We'll be home next Monday. Seems so far away. . . In the meantime, I'm going to continue to soak in every moment.
Geoff is uploading some pics too! So, enjoy!!!


Brawnica said...

Such absolutely beautiful pictures of love and joy. Thanks for sharing. Have enjoyed everyone!!!
Rose Cooley

Allison said...

Love, love, love the pictures! Your girls are beautiful. Sounds like your trip is amazing, as is Mei Li:)

Chris said...

what a beautiful trip you have been having
thanks for posting on the email group so I could find your blog and hop over.
Your new daughter is beautiful, and you are doing an amazing job with her already!
Hope the rest of your stay goes wonderfully
looks like a great hotel to be at-I am jotting this one down for this winter's trip!

White's Journey to Taiwan said...

Thanks so much!!! This is certainly a journey that will be cemented in our hearts and minds for ever!! Amazing at every step. And, Mei Li has stolen our hearts!!! Such an angel (with a mischievous flair!!) ;)

Chris, I highly recommend The Garden Hotel (a suite is what we are staying in). And, it is amazing!!! It is like an apartment with a living room (where they set up a bed for my 8 year old daughter. She loves it b/c she has the room to herself when we go to bed. Mei Li sleeps with Mama and Baba in the bedroom) , free internet and office area right in your room, the bedroom is separated by a sliding door (that blocks a lot of sound as well). A fabulous bath/garden tub that has a glass wall overlooking the bedroom (but has a screen that can be lowered for privacy). Plenty of room, so very comfortable and absolutely beautiful!!! They have a great swimming pool (outdoors), gardens everywhere!!! The entire place is a living garden inside and out with waterfalls!!! A children's playroom. . . I just can't say enough about this place. I would never want to stay anywhere else now that we've found this gem!! :)

I look forward to following your journey too!! :)