Saturday, September 24, 2011

Today, We SHOP! And, a tip for families yet to travel.

Good morning from Guangzhou!!! :) Today, our guides are taking us back to Shamian island for a bit of shopping at the markets. We have been told that you can get great things there for much less than anywhere else we have travelled in China. We were told, "Hold off on buying anything until Guangzhou!!" So, we plan to have fun with the girls today! No appointments, no paperwork, no doctors!!! :) Just fun! Can't wait! And, this place is gorgeous!! We walked through it yesterday to get to our appointment. There must have been 15 brides and grooms getting their photos shot at the same time!!! And, there was a movie being filmed there as well. We'll get pics!! :)

And, my tip??? For families getting ready to travel? If you have an Iphone, be sure to get the "Jibbigo" app. It is only like $5, and it has SAVED us in restaurants and other times we've been out and about and couldn't otherwise communicate. It translates your English question into Mandarin, and Mandarin into English!! And, it is wonderful. It has also helped us with Mei Li at times. We have taken Mandarin (focused on adoptive families), and much of what we learned from our Mandarin classes has helped us with Mei Li. But, there have been a few times, when we've needed to tell her something that wasn't covered in class. Jibbigo came to the rescue! It will be a life preserver you'll carry with you, that will save you when you run into communication barriers. And, it is amazing how that communication barrier makes even the most simple things. . . impossible.

So, get Jibbigo before you come to China!! :D

Off to check on my girls.