Friday, September 23, 2011

Hi-Ho Hi-Ho, We're safely in Guangzhou!!! :)

Yesterday was a long day of waiting and travel and it was "hot" everywhere we were. Just couldn't cool down. In China, it seems that air-conditioning is not embraced. So, most places have pretty warm, still air. And, when you're holding lots of luggage and a 30 pound baby. . . you FEEL it!! Haha!!!

So, our little Mei Li has conquered bus rides (and that is a HUGE accomplishment in China, let me tell you!! I've almost resorted to fetal position and thumb-sucking myself if I actually watch out the window!) Traffic is INSANE here in China! I consider myself a good driver, but there is NO WAY I'd get behind the wheel of a car in China. People just pull out in front of you, there's bumper to bumper traffic, there don't appear to be any lanes that anyone observes and there is no safe distance between cars. If someone wants over, they just come. And, if someone is there, they just come on top of you. There have to be inches between cars. I have thought we were going to be hit numerous times---but, somehow, it never happens. I have NO idea how there aren't wrecks all the time here, in China. But, I rarely see an accident. They must have incredible spacial awareness and hand-eye coordination skills here. We drive much more carefully in America, and yet, we have more wrecks. I'm at a loss. ;)
Anway, I got sidetracked. Mei Li has conquered bus rides, and plane rides, and our little girl LOVES to be on the GO!!! She is not one to sit still for long. She likes to ride in her stroller and see the world!! She will be an excellent candidate for a jogging stroller when I get home, and that will be great for mama too!! She is so open to new things. She couldn't wait to get on the plane (fay-gee-lah is the Chinese for airplane). All we heard yesterday leading up to our flight was "Fay-gee-lah!!!" and she would make an airplane noise and put her arms out like wings! :) Such a happy little soul!!!
Our guide in Shanghai described the cities we have visited in China this way. "Beijing is the "Ancient China Lady", Shanghai is the "Modern China lady", and Guangzhou is "the Girl Next Door". You will love Guangzhou!" Well, we go out for our first adventure today. Our main guide, Rebecca and the China coordinator, Lily, are here and have walked us step-by-step since we stepped off the plane. They are truly amazing!!!! I feel so at home with them and well taken-care-of. I've always felt more like "the-girl-next-door", myself. So, I have a feeling Guangzhou is going to be my favorite. Hands down, the Garden Hotel is a palace compared to everything we've stayed in up to now. Anna Grace says she never wants to leave. Mei Li did a happy dance all around our suite. And, did I mention that the air-conditioning works???? Hallelujah!!!!
All this to say, that this is the most incredible journey of our lives that God has taken us on. We learn new things every day about ourselves, our little girl and His incredible mercy and grace. I can now appreciate this beautiful country across the sea, and we are forever changed and better because of it. I am counting my blessings!