Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Heading out this morning!!

Just a quick post this morning, because I left daddy upstairs with 2 sleeping girls to come down to the lobby to post. There is free internet down here. AG is cool with Mama leaving, but Mei Li is rather attached to me, and will not be happy if she awakes to Mama being gone. So this will be a quick one.

Today, we go to Mei Li's "finding spot". I look forward to seeing this place and piecing together the pictures of her story from the beginning. It will be a very quick visit, but an important one. We were denied the opportunity to go visit her orphanage. They are redecorating.
She is precious and she is a mess!!!! She is happy most all the time---except when she doesn't get her way. Then, she lets you know about it.
She is already learing SO much!!! And, she is adapting to us so very well!!! She went to sleep last night and cried very little--only about 5 minutes. And, that is a HUGE improvement. The first night was all night long. The second night, we tried to settle her down to sleep three different times before success and with about 30 minutes of crying each time. Last night, 5 minutes and she was "out"! ;) She is still asleep now. :)

Well, Mama better run! Don't want my girl to wake up and find me gone. We'll update again later!!!


Lisa said...

Thank you for sharing what you can! Your joy fairly leaps off the page! SO SO happy for you all!!!