Thursday, September 22, 2011

Memorable Moments in Shanghai!

The Bund

Former Customs House modeled after Big Ben
Taking a stroll :) Mei Li LOVES to GO!!!
No explanation needed ;)
Jellies at the aquarium
People asking us about our Mei Li
New Shanghai skyline (all new development since 1996)

Official Adoption Ceremony where we received Mei Li's certificate of adoption
The girls :)
All decked out in Aunt Emmalie's bows!!

Hi everyone!!! We are heading out to Guangzhou this afternoon, so we will officially be telling Shanghai goodbye. It has been fun, but we are ready to move on to GZ!! We hear it is the most fun part of the trip and is more kid-friendly. Mei Li is doing AMAZINGLY well!!! She sleeps well, she eats like a champ, she adores her big sis and her daddy, and she thinks her mommy hangs the moon. She is happy almost all the time---unless she doesn't get her way. Then, her little temper will flare. But, it is not long before the giggles and smiles are back.

Yesterday, we went to Mei Li's finding spot which was the waiting room at the Children's ER. I will not complain about American hospitals again. And, I am so very glad she will never have to be there again. So thankful she is with us now.

We will update again in GZ, but for now, here are some fun moments in Shanghai!!



Allison said...

Just catching up on the past few days...I'm so happy that the transition seems to going so smooth. Love the pictures; it's getting me so excited about our upcomin trip!! Mei Li is absolutely adorable!!

Debi said...

I loved this posting! It was one of the more emotional ones for me, with the Sisters so happy to be together and the adoption ceremony.
Glad to hear that Mei Li is adjusting so well. I think God answered those prayers that her heart would be bonded to you even before she met you and that she would know that you are her family. Praying continued blessings over your travels.
Love and hugs and prayers,

Brawnica said...

So happy to get your latest update and to see all the beautiful pictures. It is a real joy to see all of you and to know you are doing well. Continuing to pray for your journey.
My best,
Rose Cooley